The animal within the creature or (“The Oceanic Waves”)

9 10 2008

Strange contortions within the mind. Creatures hidden within the soul, creatures and demons, some of them wild and raging, some of them maddened and screaming. But most creatures, most creatures trapped within are of  the nature of jelly, creatures like fish, made of membrane and lacking in rigidness or power. Creatures trapped within the body and soul, animals, and beings with tiny limbs and with smaller and smaller mouths who are unable to speak, to move to walk.

Animals that look like newly born things, with eyes gleaming with empty minds and hearts made of mush. These are the phantoms and the beasts that roam the wild and fearful plains, the plains and the watersides the wilds and the built up wilds, the places where there are those who are fearful and alone.

Animals and creatures in total darkness, not able to see either each other or the light. Their eyes gleaming and immensely widely opened, yet with voidness and total bewilderment, placid like a lake, open like a gorge, eyes awaiting the first sound yet eyes with no ears hear no echos from walls. Eyes with eyes looking on those eyes, immensely wide yet with no body, only mush, only jelly, and contorted fragments of shape.

Magnificent and pure water awaiting for the shapes with eyes. The shapes afraid yet mouthless, only observing with their immense eyes, watching and waiting wondering at the wall of water. Though not wondering at all, shapes, empty shapes in the darkness with yet more shapes and contortions and twisting bodiless mass, unable to see its own self, only look outwards with no form and no thought, no mind and no sight. Just form.

The animals within the creature are strange and watchful, full of fear and love and hate and every emotion at the same time seen in those immense and glistening eyes. Yet mouthless and earless and bodiless, unable to express its sensation of sight, its precarious life and death, within life. Afraid of what, afraid of who? Afraid of discovering its own form? Creatures within the animal full of strange and fascinating strange, and even more fear combined with intense happiness, intense feeling yet with no form of expressing that feeling except through majestic and giant fearful eyes, afraid of what? Afraid of the monochrome world of its existence in one colour and with no purpose or being, with no form except distorted shape.

Form is its aim, knowledge is its pejorative, yet the animal within the creature sleeps despite its huge and frozen eyes being wide like a pair of windows on a house. Form is the aim of the creature, begging for lines, for bold lines and body, for sight and smell and taste and touch. Form and knowledge is the purpose of the animal within the creature of no name, of mere blob like shape, of jelly consistency and of fearful and loving, frightening and joyful, unhappy and intensely happy disposition, with huge and bubble like eyes waiting for the water to hit, waiting for the immense sound of gushing rushing, crashing blustering, thrashing silence destroying, cold enveloping, blood pumping heart racing, mind blowing oceanic cold, and rolling wind driven, form creating Breaking Tidal Waves.

© 2008.