Aquarians & the Practical Uses of The Stars

11 02 2010

What have I managed?

There are many who take up the study of the stars. I am one. But I´ve realised recently that although I may have benefited some ways myself, through self-knowledge, I haven´t, I can´t say that I have really helped others through using this information.

What I am getting at here is that this has been a self-study, even when I´ve been studying dozens of other people and their charts. Positive things that I have found include a security and confidence in myself and my vocation as a teacher, in higher education, but only as a language teacher. Something that I needed conclusive proof in order to take those first hard steps that I took.  This is one thing that is “evidence” that this study has benefited me through the knowledge that it has given me, and no-doubt there may be more to come.

But although I have managed to help myself, I can´t say that I´ve helped anyone else take those steps, nor can I say that it is my duty or right either. The advice that I have given sporadically has been ignored, or simply put down as a quaint trick, interesting, almost amusing, but definitely not something to take the slightest bit of notice of. I confess I don´t really know people. I have both luminaries directed by Mars, and that happy couple of Mars and Venus both dignified in the first. I focus on myself at the moment, or I have done, because I didn´t know myself.

Aquarians ?

The study of the stars can be taken up by anyone, and some will be able to put it to some practical use in their lives, as I have done. But I fear that I have spent rather a lot of time weighing up its symbolism without really engaging with the human aspect of it.

In a certain regard, I am not suited to the astrological study, though perhaps I have contributed some interesting writings on the subject.  What I want to argue, is that the stars are there and can be looked at by anyone. But to be a perpetual star-gazer is not everyone´s fate and it´s not a fate that one should wish for.

The Uranian conjunction to my natal Mercury made it possible for me to understand more or less how the study works, the planet of foresight, independence, maybe even of impatience. But I don´t have an ounce of Aquarius in me.

It is to the Aquarians that we ought to look to in order to ask for guidance. Only they are objective and compassionate at the same time, those people are the ones that ought to read the stars for others, and we can be sure that they have no other motives than to help others.

Where else can it take me?

This now comes down to the nature of the study. Like all studies, it is more or less a dogma. It is something that promises infinite enlightenment, and infinite possibility at the outset. However, a couple of years of study, perhaps three or four since I began, and I personally have found a sort of crossroads in philosophical terms. There interest and novelty of the study, although always continuing and always changing, does not seem infinite anymore. It does not satisfy my curiosity anymore, nor does it pacify me with its readerly quality and archetypes which belong to literature.

Puting up my natal chart or that of someone that I know and observing the transits and progressions has been satisfying until now. I´ve been able to prove or merely observe the correspondences between the stars and between life. But until now, I have been content to live in a substitute life, reading novels, or in my teenage years playing computer games, or more recently simply watching films. Looking at the stars is akin to one of these pass-times. It´s beautiful, it´s full of wonder, and it occupies the time, it can give you ideas, and tell you what you ought to be doing. But it´s not “doing”, it´s not living and it´s not “the real thing”.


All of these things are tiring now. Artificial. No book will replace life, and likewise, no amount of star-reading will satisfy real desire for life.  The difficulty is that I´ve lived life for so long without being alive that I don´t really know what it consists of. I imagine it consists of satisfying desires the way a child would. You want an ice-cream you get one.

Everything that you could want in life though is symbolised by the 12 houses. So let´s begin there then. No adventure can really begin unless you´ve got cash. The career must be pushed forward at all costs, cash then comes, and then you can begin to live.

The question that you want to ask yourself, is: “Are you willing to sit around reading about stars´potential all you life”. That´s not life. Reading, or writing about things that you´ve never done and never will do to me seem the biggest waste of a life anyone could let happen. Only certain types are fitted to this kind of life, and people who have already lived it and can then use that experience to help others, it´s why I mentioned Aquarians.

Personal Path

The transits in store for me include having all outer planets Angular this year, except Neptune who melts away into my natal 6th. I am called to action, out of lethargy, out of having most of my life on the back-burner. All of the speculation, all of the study, all of the reading have been useful while I was weak. But I find I don´t need any of that anymore, I don´t need it and I don´t want it.