Jupiter Pisces and Destiny

2 02 2010

There is a homeless man that hangs around outside the University where I work. He is not really a professional beggar, he doesn´t even ask for money or look at you as you walk past. He lies there in his rags and burnt brown skin, with his long hair and facial hair. Sometimes he defecates into a newspaper, and what he´s eating is definitely not luxury food.

I´ve sometimes given him a coin, small change. But I felt a great urge to help this man the other day. He was lying on the pavement, sleeping, the poor cavemen´s body is weedy and thin, and he looked almost fetal, in that position.

It crossed my mind that the times that I had given money I had felt a little afraid. Afraid because when you give something then you establish a norm and a contact, and random people in the street are sometimes drug addicts, thieves, even killers.

But it also occurred to me that some people are given a bad lot in life. Some are born into poverty, and may have Saturn in hard aspect on the IC. Or they may have their 2nd ruler in total debility. I don´t know the primary cause of homelessness, or of sadness in life. But what I do know is that I am privilaged to have my own (rented) flat, and a (temporary) job with an income. These things I fear losing, but I am happy and grateful to have them.

I haven´t thought about how it would be possible to help the homeless. Or rather, I´ve thought about it a lot with regard to the politics that I´ve read and the knowledge that I have about socialism etc.

The question comes down to the fact that the caveman, although anathema to me and probably to all of the middle class University students who walk past him everyday, even though his state is repulsive and elicits great sympathy and empathy, he has a fundamental right to be like that.

As in Heaven so on Earth. Or rather, as on the inside, so on the outside. The homeless caveman that I felt so sorry for, will likely always be homeless and will likely die in that sorry state. Say it was an afflicted Saturn on the IC in his case. Even if you gave the man material wealth, and a home, his inner state would be the same, he would still feel unable to connect with the world and society around him, even though he is dependant at the minute on charity, even if he received everything that anyone could ask for, he would likely still have that dependency and rejection deep inside. He would be a homeless caveman living in the basement of his castle.

It´s not to say that change is not possible. In a lifetime, there are progressions, there are the solar arcs and secondary progressions. Even Jupiter and Saturn can move a number of degrees in the course of a human lifetime adjusting that original blueprint. But these changes however interior and however personal are still a part of destiny. Saturn can in a few short years, maybe even a decade, move from the 30th degree of Sagittarius, into the 1st degree of Capricorn. The poor caveman can for whatever reason muster some determination to improve his condition. But it is unlikely to be through other people´s generosity, only his own will changing on the interior.

Jupiter Pisces

5 10 2009

Jupiter is clearly dignified in Pisces by domicile, and then by terms at 8 to 14 degrees and also by face between 10 and 20. Jupiter therefore has the most essential dignity at 10-14 degrees of Tropical Pisces. Because Jupiter is of the fire Triplicity it is probably slightly more at home in Sagittarius.

Jupiter is by the beach, enjoying the good life. Jupiter has a faith, a belief and a desire that everything works out, if you just trust in life, and trust in people. In Sagittarius Jupiter is on a quest, there is knowledge or something waiting to be discovered, it´s a restless, pacing placement. In Pisces the energy of Jupiter does not project outwards or upwards so much in order to go anywhere, but it simply allows itself to receive whatever is around it. This is a receptive placement, it is  the sign in which things can go badly simply because Pisces lacks clarity, but in the same way the advantage is that Pisces Jupiter will never miss anything good through pre-judgement. Jupiter here says, “lets just see what it´s all about and then say whether it´s good or bad”. Usually it turns out to be good because Pisces Jupiter has a way of making the most of things, of accepting the unacceptable and making it acceptable.

The analogy of Jupiter is of a spiritual mind, whether a priest or a traveller, and Pisces represents a massive ocean. It is an emotional place with fears and troubles, with the constant possibility that you might drown. As a result it´s no wonder that the traveller or mystic develops total trust over time, the ocean in comparison to the human being is practically infinite, so the idea that we humans have power over it is absurd in this situation. That´s what Pisces Jupiter is aware of, you don´t change the stormy weather by praying, you only get through it. And when they do get through, it´s always miraculously, and it appears that the ocean, or “some higher power” made sure that whatever destruction did go on, they are unharmed.


Some people with this placement: Quentine Tarantino, Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham, Sigmund Freud, Germain Grere, Abraham Lincoln, Megan Fox