Horary Revelation

17 09 2008

Are you seeing the forest or are you just seeing trees? Open your mind. This is a very very simple little observation, but something which I believe is true to the T.

When destiny is set, when something is bound to happen, when something is meant to be, you could do various charts and they would come up with the same answer over and over again.

Modern astrologers rely heavily on traditional texts but they are not necessary. Why don’t we use all the knowledge available to us?

I have noticed a pattern emerging. I ask a question several times, the same question. Each time there are different significators. But each time I find that the two significators which I am interested in are moving towards each other. In one case it is the rulers of the house cusps, through retrogradation, indicating a change of direction, but an eventual conjunction.

In another case there is translation of light between the signifiers by a third party.

In another chart, the signifiers are in an applying aspect with the orb at a very close precision 00 07′ minutes of the arc. The aspect was there, it was not a “traditional” aspect, a biquintile, but I think the fact that the orb was so close and applying has got to mean something. Modern astrology ackowledges quintiles as unbelievably creative and all about one key thing: TIMING, which not coincidentally is also what horary professed to be about.

WHY don’t astrologers use their new knowledge and apply it to the horary technique? The reason is that they are bogged down in what the “texts” say, and incabable of seeing a picture that presents itself under whichever conditions the sky is tempaorarily in.

WHY should a question be asked one day and the second day the same question gets a different answer? The cosmos is telling you something, always telling you something.

The simplest of reasonings: A relationship chart: The Astrologer should ask: Does the ascending degree an its ruler aspect the descending degree and its ruler? Factor in the fifth house and its ruler for romance, factor in the fourth house and its ruler for living together.

If the Ascendant ruler makes an applying square with a 1 degree orb to the descendant, and a bi-quintile applying with ’07 minutes of arc to the descendant ruler then this is a relationship of perfect timing, of creativity, just the same as a sextile aspect which is a creative aspect.

Is the 4th house ruler Venus placed in dignity on the IC square ASC and DC? It means that love is the basis of the relationship and that they ought to live together. The Moon also opposes that Venus with a close applying orb? It signifies that it will happen, especially since it is Angular.

ALL aspects count, modern ruleship may even count, if it is used for Natal and progressions it ought to be sophisticated enough to be used in Horary. Aspects to Angles count. Everything counts. Make the planets apply, make them see each other, and allow them to see each other through intermediaries, through translations and changes of direction.

Horary Checklist

16 09 2008

A Prophet or a Meddler

Horary is the thing that determines whether an astrologer is a true prophet, or just an average meddler. I am a meddler, and have been wrong every time since i started trying out this “technique”. But I have worked out that it is a system which is workable and can probably be used to give more of a statistical probability rather than a definite Yes or No. Here is my checklist, which I hope to be editing and adding to as I go along.


The original impulse when you do a horary is based on a feeling which is translated into a diagrammatical sketch. It’s important to think about a horary chart as a mental picture which is imprinted into form rather than something which is external. This is the primary directive.

Type of question:

If the question is about a general picture then the specifics of planetary movement might not be that important. If the question is vague you want to think about simply signs and houses.

Specific questions are more difficult, because we see the direction of planetary aspects, linking for example two people, or a person with a job, or a lost object. In this case the movement and direction of planets is imperative. However, there is more than one way of getting a yes or no to a question, and sometimes there is contradiction because of this, in which case the case becomes one of which is the more  powerful indicator.


1. To get the correct house rulerships aligned with real world people, places and objects.

a. YOU are generally represented 1st by the Ascendant, then the ruler of the Ascendant, then the Moon, then the actual FIRST HOUSE. ALL of these involved with what represents your question are indicators.

The second house and its ruler are your lost objects, they also show if you get get something that you desire which has a material value, for instance a pay rise, a car, or some other thing which you want.

The third house will show if your sister or brother is involved or siblings and family in general. It should also indicate moving around, travel, going from one place to another.

2. Dignities are important, as well as speed, and condition of the planet

These are extremely difficult to weigh up considering that there are such a great number of dignities both essential and accidental. Basically the dignity of the lord of a house will indicate the state of the thing, if the signifier is essentailly dignified by house, in its own sign, it will show that what it signifies, for example a person, is in good shape, happy, healthy, and worth the time and effort that you put into the question.

The different grades of dignity are important, there is a heirarchy of dignity. A planet might not be placed in its rulership sign, but by at least being in its own trplicity or terms or face it receives a lesser degree of essential dignity, and even by being in its own face a planet would avoid being perigrine which is almost equivalent to being in its detriment.

Triplicity: Placed in triplicity a planet has essential dignity. This is not as strong as the Exaltation, but triplicity shows a signifier that is fairly happy, and in good conditions.

Terms: The terms of a planet are the next essentail dignity. It shows that the signifier is not perfect, but has ability to adapt to its surroundings, because they are familiar. Terms should be judged as a medium dignity. If a person is signified by planet in its terms they might be modest in some way, not perfect, but not bad either. The terms might be thought of as “poor but happy,” or “making their way.”

Face: Face is the last dignity. It really is “the last straw” and a planet that has dignity only by face is like a naked person holding a fig leave to cover themselves. It is not that dignified, but they save “face,” manage to save their neck through the flimsiest of dignities.

3. Generally you want to connect yourself with the object you have in mind. There is more than one way of doing this.

Aspects of house rulers, simply means that they behold each other or are “Joined together”

Rulers placed in the house belonging to the desired question, especially if conjunct the CUSP of that house are going to signify a great deal.

Translation of light from the ruler of one house to another. This can be done by any planet, which acts like a messenger. The Moon is the swiftest moving of these messengers and as a body which does in fact collect light from the SUN, she is capable of collecting light from any planet and transferring it to another.


Signifiers which are angular are another strong indication of things being brought to fruition. This is a major % of the chart interpretation, because Angularity shows that the question is actually of big importance and that something will definitely happen.

For now this suffices for my knowledge of HORARY technique and I think that more details will slowly be added to this picture as I work on the art of “seeing into the future”.


When a planet makes the right aspect to the right signifier, you get a positive answer, however, if both planets are in their detriments and in the 12th or 8th houses, what can you make of such a situation?

There are 1000’s of instances in which dignity is mixed in with debility. The fact that a planet can be in detriment, but make the correct aspect to the quested signifier is a testament to fulfilment of the question, but at great cost.

I think this is what the dignities and debilities really boil down to… the cost of and time it takes for a positive outcome.

Pluto in Sagittarius

15 09 2008

Pluto, Sagittarius and Capricorn

Pluto is the planet of “transformation”, of course it is. but it’s also the planet of planting little seeds of manipulation, fears and is capable of blowing things up through psychological warfare as well as outright violence. As Pluto steams towards Capricorn my thoughts turn what this signifies in terms of its sojourn throughout Sagittarius since 1995 what has been going on, both below the surface as well as what the official Pluto position has been. Also I’d like to prejudge some of the outcomes of possible Capricorn rulerships which will undergo the beautiful metamorphosis or “transformation” due to one the best planets’ transits to that majestic sign.

With Pluto in Capricorn the History books will be burned and re-written.

History and the course of TIME as it is documented and stored in the dusty books on shelves in Libraries and Universities come under the rulership of Capricorn. But it’s not the books themselves it’s our story of reality, what has happened is likely to change. The coming transit will change our world view from the perspective of what we have always accepted to be true, (because it is written in history books) to what we now know to have been fabrications that became accepted facts. Who writes the History after all? It’s the victor, and in the coming decade the victors of the past will be exposed and scrutinised as stuff buried deep underground surfaces and brings new evidence to light. The past is under pressure.

It should be a review of the past 246 years… all political actions and events from the past will come under intense scrutiny.

The Mass Media has been under the sway of Pluto in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the natural ruler of religion, sure, but it also rules promotion, publication, and knowledge.

It is interesting that “terrorism” has been explained away as a sign of Pluto in Sagittarius. This is disinformation working at its most blinding manipulative, religion has sure enough been put on the spot, literally hung up inside out for all to see its most vulnerable parts and that is part of the transit. But who, or what exactly has been doing this analysis? If there is a “bady” and that bady has been caught and shown with their pants down, and thrown into prison, who is the Sheriff? The answer lies within the Sign of Sagittarius: How about THE MASS MEDIA. Sagittarius rules international publishing, global and national newspapers, TV, advertising, promoting, as well as religion and politics. Who are the people who have the power to change what you think and make you fall into a framework of mental processes? Who are the people who tell you day after day what to think and how to think more than religion ever did?

Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Film are acknowledged to the the real dispensers of power in the information age, and who gave them the power?

Who are the bigger manipulators on the planet? Are they really a bunch of rag-tag “terrorists”? Remember Pluto is not just about transforming, but about where power really is. Where are the power structures in the world, who has the ability to mobilise people? Who exactly is it that can convince people to hand over civil liberties and who is it that can cultivate customs and thought patterns? Local news as we all know is no longer local news, because there has been a monopolisation, a centralisation taking effect, the effect is to be able to convince everyone quickly and easily what to BELIEVE, the traditional job of Jupiter.

The massive abuse and manipulation that we think of as Pluto is not with religion but with the Global Media who have always been part of the Sagittarius rulership. What happens now is that Pluto will stop being all about the propaganda and start acting through more physical means, through Saturn’s meticulous eye.

Example 1. of Pluto in Sagittarius: