Pluto in Scorpio

2 10 2008

The generation that is born with this placement is born into corruption. This generation however is present on this Earth at this point in time and will wield power. These are the people who bring renewal to humanity and purge it of its ills, of its inherent badness. Pluto in Scorpio is said to be the purest form of Pluto’s manifestation, it is said to be coloured by no tainted glass and no other planetary ray that disturbs its pure expression.

Pluto sees falseness in everything, anything that is remotely artificial will be exposed for itself. Pluto in Scorpio has opposite in the Zodiac Venus in Taurus. Pluto’s quest is to see through the flesh which Venus in Taurus represents. Venus’s falseness is its attachment to material life, to things that it can touch, see and sense, and it becomes so embroiled in its own beauty and ideas of its own attractiveness that it becomes corrupt and proud like Leo. Pluto is there to make Venus see that love consists of more than physical pleasure.

Venus is the planet that is most associated with love, and this is true, Venus has the ability to give and to receive also. But what Venus misses out on is that love can and in fact must not be dependant on physical existence. Venus in the 2nd house is so used to getting what she wants that she becomes blind as to what others needs might be. Pluto in Scorpio is aware that there is a collective humanity and just as pride is sacrificed in Aquarius, in Scorpio Pluto sacrifices physical pleasure and ego.

The thing with Pluto is that it knows what is real. When you are not seeing human beings the way you ought to and interacting the way you ought to, when you do not value life the way it ought to be valued, Pluto will bring you down from your pedestal. Pluto will only bring down because you have elevated yourself. If you are humble already and Pluto makes his transit, not that much should happen, just a reminder and a renewal of that truth of love and emotional existence which is the basis of us all.

Pluto is the higher truth, the deeper meaning, it can bring out your own hatred and fear, but these essentially belong to you and not Pluto. Pluto is here to make you see that life is based on love and acceptance and that ego, and vanity are things which get in the way of seeing that truth.

The more your ego is out of line with the reality and truth of love and equality in the face of Nature, then the more suffering is waiting for you, because Pluto doesn’t know how else to bring down that ego, without threatening its death.

Pluto in Sagittarius

15 09 2008

Pluto, Sagittarius and Capricorn

Pluto is the planet of “transformation”, of course it is. but it’s also the planet of planting little seeds of manipulation, fears and is capable of blowing things up through psychological warfare as well as outright violence. As Pluto steams towards Capricorn my thoughts turn what this signifies in terms of its sojourn throughout Sagittarius since 1995 what has been going on, both below the surface as well as what the official Pluto position has been. Also I’d like to prejudge some of the outcomes of possible Capricorn rulerships which will undergo the beautiful metamorphosis or “transformation” due to one the best planets’ transits to that majestic sign.

With Pluto in Capricorn the History books will be burned and re-written.

History and the course of TIME as it is documented and stored in the dusty books on shelves in Libraries and Universities come under the rulership of Capricorn. But it’s not the books themselves it’s our story of reality, what has happened is likely to change. The coming transit will change our world view from the perspective of what we have always accepted to be true, (because it is written in history books) to what we now know to have been fabrications that became accepted facts. Who writes the History after all? It’s the victor, and in the coming decade the victors of the past will be exposed and scrutinised as stuff buried deep underground surfaces and brings new evidence to light. The past is under pressure.

It should be a review of the past 246 years… all political actions and events from the past will come under intense scrutiny.

The Mass Media has been under the sway of Pluto in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the natural ruler of religion, sure, but it also rules promotion, publication, and knowledge.

It is interesting that “terrorism” has been explained away as a sign of Pluto in Sagittarius. This is disinformation working at its most blinding manipulative, religion has sure enough been put on the spot, literally hung up inside out for all to see its most vulnerable parts and that is part of the transit. But who, or what exactly has been doing this analysis? If there is a “bady” and that bady has been caught and shown with their pants down, and thrown into prison, who is the Sheriff? The answer lies within the Sign of Sagittarius: How about THE MASS MEDIA. Sagittarius rules international publishing, global and national newspapers, TV, advertising, promoting, as well as religion and politics. Who are the people who have the power to change what you think and make you fall into a framework of mental processes? Who are the people who tell you day after day what to think and how to think more than religion ever did?

Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Film are acknowledged to the the real dispensers of power in the information age, and who gave them the power?

Who are the bigger manipulators on the planet? Are they really a bunch of rag-tag “terrorists”? Remember Pluto is not just about transforming, but about where power really is. Where are the power structures in the world, who has the ability to mobilise people? Who exactly is it that can convince people to hand over civil liberties and who is it that can cultivate customs and thought patterns? Local news as we all know is no longer local news, because there has been a monopolisation, a centralisation taking effect, the effect is to be able to convince everyone quickly and easily what to BELIEVE, the traditional job of Jupiter.

The massive abuse and manipulation that we think of as Pluto is not with religion but with the Global Media who have always been part of the Sagittarius rulership. What happens now is that Pluto will stop being all about the propaganda and start acting through more physical means, through Saturn’s meticulous eye.

Example 1. of Pluto in Sagittarius: