The Mosquito

Mosquito Mosquito, burning bright

Fearsome shadow in the night

Tiny devil of the day

Searching out immensest prey

Animal with no remorse

Dying hoards with little force

Are your own doing

Your own bringing of death

With little warning and little fear

Your tiny body is very near

The blood you drink the blood of life

Is yours to kill and your flesh to knife

Mosquito mosquito burning bright

Beneath the sheets in the night

Noiseless killing, maiming and death

Drawn upon my living breath

What great hands and what great heart

Did blast you from creation’s start

What blasted brain and rotten mind

Did create your demon shape and

Evil flying devil kind?

One response

5 12 2009

It reminds me of Blake and D.H. Lawrence.

Did you have Lawrence in mind, too, for this? I don’t think a lot of people know his “The Mosquito.”

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