the true nature

life is endless

life is infinite

the soul is continuous after death

i do not fear death because i do not die

if i do not fear death i fear nothing

the birthright is to know of infinite life

when this knowledge is lost full life is lost also

not knowing of this truth leads to fear of death

fear of death is the bond that holds life in prison

to die and to be reborn without the knowledge of the truth is the only thing to really fear

for being in such darkness is a suffering and pain that people do not need to be in

if the truth of eternal life were yours and death signified nothing and no end

and the awareness of your soul was real

then there would be no death

the earth and nature are real

as is the body and the blood in your heart

as is pain

but these are tools for the soul

they are the paper to the life within the words

that are written upon it

wake up to eternal life

wake up to the reality that death is nothing

that death is nothing to fear

that death and the appearance of the end of life is

not the end

there is no end

there is nothing to be afraid of

death is good

death is great

death is perfect renewal


nothing but the turning of a page

your own death

look forward to it

death is beautiful

realise  that you are not a body only

but a soul

what you want is irrelevant

you should want to know the truth

the truth of your life

goes to the beginning of everything

death will bring new opportunities

death is not really death

do then fear it

and learn the truth of


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