There is only one source of Truth

God created the Earth and the heavens, he created the stars, which shine so beautifully at night, God created the planets which travel through heaven like angels. Whatever you believe in, or don’t believe in, whether you believe in astrology or in evolution, or whether you believe in left wing politics or right wing politics, or if you believe in freedom of speech or in capitalist ideology. Whatever you believe in, these are all man-conceived ideas, they are all “literature” written by human hands and thought of by human minds.

Astrology is “literature”. What is beautiful about it is that it takes facets of human existence and it personifies it into the basic human emotions, love personified in Venus, anger personified in Mars, expansion and thought personified in Jupiter and Mercury. But these are “personifications” of raw human emotion, they are not divine, they belong to the Earth, to humanity and are therefore not godly. Astrology belongs to the Earth and to humanity, the same way the literature does, because, astrology is based on literature, the literature of ancient Rome and Greece.

The idea that an astrological system can be a guide for life is wrong. Venus “falls” in Virgo, when she does, she stops loving, her love becomes imperfect, calculating, judgemental, human. To consider these planets as perfect beings is wrong, because they continually travel, rise and fall as if they were a mirror reflection of humanity on Earth. The planets or Roman gods, (which they are) are like us, they stumble and fall. Disasters in the Sun spell disasters down on Earth, because the Sun, (or Helios) is not the divine source, Helios is just one Sun, among countless millions in the Universe.

God created the Earth, and the planets and the Stars, he created Man in his likeness, and made Woman out of the flesh of Man. There is only one source of Truth, and this is God. What men without God say and believe in is corrupt. Even men who believe in God are corrupt and need redemption. But a Godless man is beyond redemption and any “truth” which such men preach is corrupt.

Those of you who are agnostic, or atheist and consider yourselves “free” are under big illusions. There is no “absence of religion”, all are born with a 9th house and all are open to the vibrations of belief in good or in evil. There is no “3rd way” there is no “middle ground”. Only repentance and love for God and his son Jesus Christ is sufficient.

ALL argument and ALL “reasonable logic” is misleading. The reason being, that any idea or thought which is not in line with God is in line with the Devil, however reasonable and well presented it may sound.

In the profecy it is said that Jesus will come down from heaven and will be like lightening in the sky for all to see. It is said that he will banish the Devil and all of the Devil’s lies. We do not know when this will take place, but what we do know is that God was with us 2000 years ago, and he spoke to us, and the TRUTH is there for us. Jesus speaks the truth because he is the son of God. Jesus’ words will not wither, they will never die, they will never change with fashion or with “new scientific discoveries”. The Church and the priests may be at fault, but the truth, the truth of Jesus will never be at fault. The Bible is there for us all, and it doesn’t matter what cards you get dealt in life, a man without God is a lost sheep, he is a sorry sight, but a man who has God and has Jesus’ words is like a child protected by it’s loving parent.

One must BELIEVE. One must read and listen to God’s word, and confess. Jesus has shown himself to me. I was travelling through the desert on a bus, and there he was, with light beaming from him, the most beautiful white glowing light, and people were following him. Jesus is real, and he is the source of Truth.

One response

6 09 2015

It is true what you say.

Jesus stated that “He is the truth, the light and the way.” (to God). Thank you for sharing the message of God’s Love through Christ to your readers. I pray they do not doubt but find the love and truth of Jesus for themselves. Without faith in Jesus astrology and life are meaningless.

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