Ultimate Dispositors

8 09 2013

I’ve been looking at ultimate chart dispositors. Two planets in detriment in MR are still two planets each in detriment, and both act in an undignified way. I think the MR allows for the possibility that the two planets are able to be successful together.

To have two chart dispositors in MR in detriment is worse than having one domicile planet dispositing the other detriment planet. In this case you would have one dignified planet rather than two detriment ones cooperating to do evil.

On the other hand if you look at a chart with one dispositor, the accidental debility is also interesting to look at. An afflicted dispositor if there is only one, has no alternative course of action. Unless there are other domicile planets. Adolf Hitler’s chart is a telling example of this.

When there is no ultimate dispositor planets form a chain which is circular. These planets may be essentially dignified by other means, exalted or in minor dignities like  terms, yet if they are peregrine they will still behave undignified.

So, when you have a dispositor in domicile, it needs no reception, because it’s at home. The only things which will decide whether it delivers the benefits it promises are whether it is in a positive house, and accidentally dignified also. That means that if it’s square a planet or retrograde, or in the 12th house, then its positive attributes can be wasted. But the reverse is also true, by putting it in the 1st house direct and free of combustion, free from hard aspects.

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