Uranus Aries


The last two seven year periods in which Uranus was found in tropical Aries, revolution and chaos was in the air. Under the rays of Pisces, Uranus was received by Jupiter, Venus and Mars. With Aries, Mars takes over with Sun and Jupiter. The nature of Pisces is to hide. The planet of revolution and restlessness has been hiding away during these years, smoking weed, playing guitar and relaxing at home, probably in solitude. As this planet hits Cardinal Fire it will be visible to all. Whatever this planet has been up to in the quiet of its own home, all of the restless and curious ideas will be brought into violent realisation.

The planet that rules over ideas and invention will be found in the sign of action. It signals people actually doing things rather than talking about them. People that complain about life, about the world and its problems will be out there in the streets making things happen.

People born with this placement are all pioneers. All of the first men in space and on the Moon are born with Uranus in Aries. Some of the most celebrated inventors are born with this placement. It confers the energy of Aries and a masculinity or an approach that is aggressive. Uranus in Aries makes for unusual individuals, in the sense that these people will stand out. They themselves are of the nature of Uranus, different and one of a kind.

Transits 2010 onwards

As Uranus reaches the Aries point in 2010, something spectacular is on the horizon and is bound to happen. Jupiter conjoins Uranus at this point, the events that occur will be proportional to the first Moon Landings in 1969. There will definitely be something in the air during that conjunction. It is emphasised by the fact that this will fairly close to yet another Saturn Uranus opposition. Saturn´s involvement signifies that the effects of the Uranus transits will not be up there in space, but they will be felt by every individual on Earth materially. Uranus also comes into a fairly close orb of square with Capricorn Pluto, creating a sense of emergency or crisis of some sort.  When Pluto was in Cancer the crisis involved ideas about the home and homeland, all things connected with patriotism and nationalism. This time Pluto is in this opposite sign, it will be a crisis about traditions, and about the “old ways”, it will involve our elders and what civilisation has built for us. Old institutions are under threat, including religious ones, but they will not be defeated despite all aggressive attempts to do so.

The early nineteen thirties are a similar astrological period. There were individuals and mad men standing up for what they believed to be their freedoms. I don´t doubt that we are living in a period right now which is similar to that of 1929.  This is not to say that war is coming, nor is it to say that fascism is coming either. These are different times. The energy of Aries will be stimulated though, and there will be a need to fulfill the desires which are awoken, these desires will be for excitement and movement in one direction or the other. As a human race hopefully we have learnt our lessons and will channel the energy into productive enterprises rather than into hatred. Obviously there can only be individuals if there are other people who step back and act ordinary, which most of us will. It is up to the individuals who do step forward to act with moderation and respect the boundaries of both conservative elements which describe Pluto and Saturn and which with Saturn in Libra will be the stronger and will inevitably “win” in any contest about “freedoms”.

People with this placement include: Johnny Cash, Martin Luther King, Jacques Chirac, Alexander Graham Bell, Vivaldi, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jean Luc Godard

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