Venus Capricorn

She builds our love up in her head like a castle. She builds it up on block and on stone, she creates it in solid form. She builds up our love somehow with persistent and painstaking determination. She is grounded and happy, she is so slow, but so sure, and yet I admire the fact that she doesn’t give up… the fact that she makes me feel wanted even though I give her reason to think I don’t want her. But there she is again, cautiously working her way up, working me up into feeling something for her. She earns my respect for being so persistent and unflinching, and respect is needed in love…

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2 10 2008
Jenna Jupiter

This sounds kind of dirty, no but really – I like your post. And the new layout better!

3 10 2008

Thank you.

It’s only dirty if you want it to be now. ; )

4 10 2008
Jenna Jupiter

I just thought about the “working me up” part… Can you do more planet in sign explainations? I like them.

9 05 2009

Sounds like me EX- I rejected him many times. Venus in Cap. Works v hard in all aspects of life. Especially love.

An ocean apart- somehow he won over my heart xoxo:)

27 10 2009

well i have venus in capricorn (8th house) and i am in no way as persistant in love matters especially if rejected .however i am VERY cautious and shy …oh but im lazy!
i did like your little ditty though.and no i found it in no wasy ‘dirty’

14 02 2010

This is my husband’s Venus. 17 years and I love him more and more–respect ain’t just a part, it’s everything.

27 05 2010

Right on don’tmakemelaugh…. my boyfriend has a Capricorn Venus as well as Mars and Saturn. We met 2 years ago and then separated. He came back into my life this year. Now we are living together. I am a Capricorn. I am comfortable and feel a sense of a lasting bond like I’ve never felt before. All that comes to me is “He’s not going anywhere!”! I am so blessed! RESPECT is everything for Cappys!

21 02 2011

Now I got who is venus!
The Venus in mututal reception with Saturn is a cappy venus!! :)

7 05 2011

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