Venus Libra

Venus placed in Libra in the natal chart.

This is the essentially dignified place for Venus. It is akin to having power through weakness, in the sense that it is the opposing force to Aries Mars. Venus represents the female form; if Mars is the warrior archetype, the masculine, male energy, then Venus is the female counterpart, this is the damsel, the girl, the bride. And just as the ideal of Mars is strongest in Aries, as a warrior, or soldier, so the ideal of Venus in Libra is strongest as the opposite side of the spectrum, that of harmony instead of war, and that of alliance and peace. Libra Venus is well represented as a beautiful princess, daughter, or bride; it is said that in times past, women did not have choice in such matters, and that their fates were decided by others. Perhaps this is still true for those with Venus Libra often ask others to decide for them, only wanting to please. But in pleasing, they also often get what they want anyway because the nature of this placing is so fortunate that either option is fortunate to them; and it is probably where the indecision arises from in the first place.

A person with this aspect is pathetic in love. This person is stupid, and will actually believe “words of love” whether they are spoken to him or whether he speaks them to someone else, who is left wondering what this person really wants. What they really want is to live the fantasy of love, actually they only feel alive if they feel loved, and sometimes can only feel turned on if that emotion is fulfilled. Strange, because Venus is actually in an Air sign and as such does possess intelligence here. The most important thing for this person, is said to be harmony, but this is essentially not true. The most important thing to Venus in Libra is honest beauty.

As Keats said:

“Truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, and that is all you need to know.”

4 responses

16 05 2009

I love you

20 11 2009

So very true! I have read many articles on this placement of venus but you have put it down short and sweet.I know a person who has venus in libra in his 7th house and he feels a strong need to be in love, to get turned on.I see it more as a weakness than strength.I dont take him seriously because of that.My venus is in Asc and in cusp of taurus/gemini.But we are drawn to each other against our will.Is it because of this placement?

30 08 2010

This fits me to a teeeeeeee! <3

29 01 2014

You are really funny =)
I have venus in libra square neptun ruler of 5th house (and neptun is transiting my 5th house right now). And dreamy venus is in natal 12th house. So, this is one amazing placement for delusion. Pink glasses, victims, soulmates and stuff. One word to explain this – fucking fog. So, yes, I guess I am stupid.

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