Venus Pisces

I have loved you in past lives, or you have loved me in past lives. I am not good for you, but I hope that you will still love me. I am not good, i am lacking and lost, I am lonely and I am helpless in this world, I look to you to sooth my pain away, and your smiling happy-go-lucky, and all-loving self saves me from certain doom.

~Yes I have known you before, before I knew that I loved you, I knew you. I didn’t know that you were there, that you existed even, and I am so sorry that I never heard or saw what you felt for me, and I am sorry that you suffered for such a long time, without me knowing. I am glad that i know about you now, and I hope you’ll not let me pass you by again, and I hope that you will not forget the promise that you made to me. Stay true to me, have faith in me, have belief, and I will sacrifice everything for you.

7 responses

23 02 2009

Oh venus pisces. They are a crazy breed!

25 03 2009

I have venus in pisces and I love the way you wrote this!

9 05 2009

Thanks:) well written + too true!!

From a Pisces venus-sun-mars conjunction.

3 07 2010

I have venus in Piscis… I felt like that little paragraph up there, so many times… it’s amazing

9 10 2010

i have venus in pisces and i told that shit to my gf the day i left her

4 03 2011

The folks I know with Venus exalted in Pisces have always cheated in their relationships……so much for exalted Pisces. Ruled by Jupiter means plenty of love in their lives….but not necessarily monogamous love. Makes you wonder why Venus would be exalted in a mutable sign which is indicative of more than one significant relationship?

Seems like Venus in Taurus would be the way to go or Saturn in positive aspect to the Venus in Pisces.

18 05 2011

This seriously almost made me cry, applies so well

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