Venus Scorpio

She loved me, so she picked on me.

She loved me so she hurt me.

She loved me so she spread vicious rumours about me.

She loved me so she went with someone who she hates.

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9 10 2009

i met someone. the chemistry is…well, it just is.

research reveals:

her natal sun (libra) is in the same sign as my natal venus.
my natal sun (scorpio), same sign as her natal venus.
my mars is also in scorpio. which leads me back to curiosity about her venus in scorpio. having come across your site this morning, i was hoping for a little more.

but this is certainly cryptic enough.

31 03 2010

So Venus in Scorpio is Love-Hate relationship?

2 07 2010

Venus in Scorpio is a love unto death and beyond relationship, transcending the pits of mundane sexual or so-called romantic relationships, thank heavens but ouch! Well, that’s my experience as a Venus in Scorpio native with Pisces rising and pluto on descendant 7th house. ‘Nuff said.

2 07 2010
Night Sky

With Mars in Libra and Venus in Scorp you have a Mutual reception through domicile. Though those are both in their detriment, there is dignity.

3 07 2010

Most certainly – maintaining dignity is the key when situations of the most undignified nature present or rather hurl themselves my way!

29 12 2010

erm… why is this so cryptic!? Imean shiamon! Theres gotta be more that can be said about this placement.

Im requestin a clarification on what exactly these terms mean. From my pov it just shows acceptance. Acceptin events n how they unfold. But I mean, scorps are know for their dark broodin nature. Theres gotta be more to this….

Just sayin.

29 01 2011

OK. Another take on this placement: I am shown Venus in Scorpio representing two, if not three aspects and do not feel we can look at any Scorpionic energy without the recognition that how it plays out is dependent on the quality of the psyche. As scorpio has 3 aspects. The two I see are the middle and highest. The middle picture is one of possession and entrapment – a victim of circumstances and this is seen as a young, fair woman or man imprisoned in a dark, rocky and dank dungeon. She is yearning for release and freedom to enjoy the sunlight, breeze and beauty of her nature and looks imploringly up to the window high, high above her. The light is diffused but she has absorbed all that she can from so far below that she glows. The window has bars, of course. This is Venus (as Persephone) trapped in Hades (Pluto) underworld – the opposite of home (Taurus). It is casting love and hope, where there is none to be seen around her. This aspect represents the transition from unconscous drives, to self-awareness. Interestingly, her light reveals rich and precious gems beneath her but of them, she is unaware. I see that these jewels represents the richness of experience through sexual love’s turbulant eddies, traded for the promise of free flight, as the spirit awakens to Self.

The highest aspect is that of union, with the two wings of a phoenix or eagle guiding the heart and mind across oceans of emotion in a fusion of passion, fire and vision – flying to the higher mountains of truth, philosophy and Gnosis in Saggitarius. It is the highest soul union through the sexual and regenerative powers which started in the murky eddying depths of abyss, to create sacred life. Loyalty, empowerment and the triumph of love over lust. Venus in Scorpio can therefore be a far richer soulful experience than could ever be hoped for with the Taurean placement.

At the lowest octave, suspicion, subtefuge, warfare, surgery, secret intelligence, manipulation of power, sexual perversion and fear – the perfect opposite of the sensual, nurturing but self-involved Taurus, where Venus is easy and exalted. Vengefull, unforgiving, ruthless and ‘heavy’. Gangsters, military intelligence, psycho-sexual torture and all those nasty things so real and yet so hidden.

So, there’s the potential. Highly magnetic, psychic, penetrating and sexual, this powerful placement attracts intrigue, jealousy and obsession. Hidden depths, indeed and as with Pisces, unfathomable, misunderstood by more earthy or fiery types.

2 03 2011

Scorpio Venus is always detrimented, yet has dignity of term from 14-21 degrees, and face from 20-30 degrees.
Her basest qualities are reflected, but this has always been very attractive to the most of the human race. Sleaze sells.
Not trying to be offensive here. I have Venus retrograde in Scorpio, conjunct Sun, Mercury and Neptune and square mars. Cheers!

2 03 2011

@ Virgette: Check this website for information on planetary dignity/debility

3 03 2011

There’s also a fine article on this very site, about essential dignities.

14 04 2011

I am Capricorn Sun with Scorpio Venus, Scorpio Mars and Scorpio Jupiter and this placement I know for sure is intense and very passionate. It is in any case not to be taken lightly. What I have found to be true about this placement is Scorpio Venus should be very wise in its selection of lovers. People with this placement if they don’t already should appreciate and value what it has to offer a worthy lover. You would be surprised to know that most people do not understand them. Scorpio Venus like DaftAida mentioned until she realizes who she is, her powers are unconscious and she is likely to share it with someone who is not on her level until she becomes self aware.

I say this frankly because it is me and I have experienced it. It is nothing more debilitating than to have riches that you waste, misuse and abuse–that is Scorpio Venus unaware! However, there is great fortune and magnificent experiences sexually that come with this placement if used wisely and with discrimination. I read that a Mars in Capricorn/Scorpio man will actually be drawn/attracted intensely to her and not really know why he is. For a Scorpio Venus to truly be happy a potential lover must be on his/her level.

22 05 2011

Oracle, so very true. Having spent or misspent the intimate component of my life not understanding what sex was really about, it was a mostly boring exercise fulfilling another’s function. Then came the alchemical blending called ‘love’ and it opened the door. Yet this chemistry is so very rare, few would hold the key. True again, a Mars in Capricorn man did become obsessive! Your moniker is an accurate choice.

22 05 2011

I stumbled on to this site and think it is very interesting. I am a Venus in Scorpio and right now learning how to let go of a relationship without turning into a monster!lol…Knowledge is power. Ihave been researching astrology for 12 yrs now and know most of my weaknesses. I have been praying for Spirit to help me let go of this person w/ease and grace. I am a recovering alcoholic so I am doing this sober for the 1st time in my life…I;m 48. I see how this person transformed my life in so many ways and through him I learned TONS about astrology! I’m sad and will miss him sooooo much but sometimes you just have to let go. Normally I would drink and drug my way thru it but not this time. :)

22 05 2011
Night Sky

Very good, don’t touch it again! It’s a distraction from true spiritual awakening.

19 06 2013

yea being an alcoholic venus scorpio makes it all the more difficult for sure.

22 05 2011

Sometimes it’s necessary to cut that chord without self-judgement; if your very survival and blossoming depends on seeming to act like a ‘monster’ so be it, you’re worth it, you have the right. Also, if ease and grace were the answer, the man in question would have allowed it, no?

25 05 2011

Hello DaftAida:

What was the Sun sign of the Mars in Capricorn?

I’ve also come to realize something quite dreadful, having these placements:
Venus Scorpio, Mars Scorpio, Jupiter Scorpio all in the 12th House the house of self-undoing, karma accumulating, hidden, subconscious, unconscious and down right mysterious and spooky! This house does not relent until the native has done human revolution in the particular areas that are placed there. Until this happens the native suffers immensely. It is like the native makes causes that keeps their treasures from them. It just keeps getting further and further away from them.

You are right when you said only a few men, that is, for a woman with this placement holds the key. Very few men can even hang believe it or not! The man that does hold the key is one rare and highly evolved, experienced lover and companion!

Being Capricorn Sun also does not help, it actually adds fuel to the fire, because she is so hard to marry and has to be unlocked! Not to mention having Gemini Descendant it deeply engraves the karma and causes the native to get into a lot of trouble because they can juggle several men at one time. Believe me when I tell you, with these placements she is looking for love and satisfaction! The spontaneity of Gemini Descendant has the potential to make the native go through lots of men. This is a placement of many sex partners, and for the native to be used, abused and to hurt other’s feelings and get feelings hurt! To be headed for utter destruction and failure!

Hard lessons are associated with 12th house and for me love, attraction, sex, wealth and expansion are in this house and my experience has been a rollercoaster in these areas. Remember in the 12th House your power and answers are hidden from you. However, they can be found. I mean hell on it’s deeper level. I sometimes think on the flip side of the coin, these placements are pure punishment in it’s worst way! There’s only one way out of it and that is to face it with great courage and overcome it’s karma!

The more positive side of this is this native has a so much to offer and give to an extremely lucky and fortunate man/woman. There is no question that both partners will be particularly satisfied in every way and experience much bliss!!!!

There is more I can say about this and my chart.

SAGITTARIUS RISING 0 degrees barely missing SCORPIO by mere seconds. This placement is interesting because having Sagittarius in the 1st decanate the native has both Sagittarius and Scorpio in their Rising. The native must know themselves very well.
GEMINI DESCENDANT another interesting aspect
SCORPIO VENUS in 12th House
SCORPIO MARS in 15 degrees in 12th House -Avataric aspect-
TAURUS SATURN in 15 degrees RETROGRADE in 6th House -Avataric aspect-
LIBRA URANUS in 11th House people who do unusual things have this aspect
SAGITTARIUS NEPTUNE in 1st House in 1 degrees straddling the fence of Scorpio with Jupiter in the distance
VIRGO PLUTO in 29 degrees in 10th House
VIRGO LILITH unusual personalities tend to have this aspect and before the native dies they would have found the secret of the universe, no doubt!
ARIES CHIRON has potential to be an excellent counselor

12 05 2013

Just by accident I have encountered this forum and who is this person having the almost same placement with me? please get in touch with me

25 05 2011

Aries Sun/Moon, Cancer Mars, Virgo Ascendant, can’t remember the rest, it was so long ago. But do remember that there was a great deal of dynamic of opposites and correspondance. Not the love of my life, but mutually transformational so served its purpose.

As for me, I have no planets in Capricorn but it rules my 11th and 12th houses; hence the horrors of Pluto transit with Chiron in Aquarius, 12th as well or ill!

Pisces Ascendant, Lilith Pisces, Sun/Mars conj. Moon/Jupiter conj. Libra (8th), Neptune/Venus Scorpio 9th, Pluto in Virgo opp Asc; Mercury Virgo 7th, Saturn Sag MC 10th, Chiron Aquarius, Uranus Leo, 6th. North Node Scorpio – the only retrograde in chart. Much as I loathe the power/control dynamic, find it impossible to evade from others’ or so called ‘authorities’ so find myself in power struggels in quest to be free of them and left unencumbered to play my game. Have to say that a fair number of Capricorns enter this equation.

Wouldn’t like to swap with your chart, Oracle, tough call indeed, especially with Saturn hanging out in Taurus in your sixth and retro Mercury in Capricorn as well. But you do have Sag going well for you but with Neptune there, the 12th house secrets may be hidden to oceanic depths. How do you ‘do’ what passes for ‘real’ life down here? Capricorn is driven to worldy success on a mundane level …… I guess you’d have to plunge very deep into the inner metaphysical in order to play your game.

By the way, have you heard of a chap called Robert Phoenix; gives free intuitive asto readings every Wednesday on air via blogtalkradio. Today’s show is, I believe at 1pm USA timeframe.

26 05 2011

Hello DaftAida:

You must be really psychic with Pisces Rising and Pisces in Lilith. If you want to call it that. You must be interesting with those aspects. Please tell me my future:)

Anyway let me tell you, being an Aries with this power aspect in your personality attracting Capricorns is no mystery. Aries and Capricorns butt heads all the time. It is a constant power struggle. I know first hand with my Aries significant other whose Capricorn Rising. It does not matter though, because all we do is argue and disagree for the past 10 years. It is tiring and frustrating and it is just a matter of time when we will no longer be together.

Again this was a 12th house self undoing mechanism that got me into a situation that I did not want to be in. My freedom and space has been trampled upon. But I’m learning to appreciate my life and is looking for solutions to my problems. I do not complain anymore, instead look inside myself. I take full responsibility for everything.

So I know how you feel about the power struggles. Tell me how do you deal with it? You know, the North Node Scorpio butting heads with ole Cappy? Capricorn rules your 12th house with Pluto transit Chiron in Aquarius in the 12th. Were you someone of significant power in your previous life? You have to be.

Oh now I get it, so you wouldn’t want to swap personalities with me, huh? Well, my Saturn in Taurus in 6th house oppositions Mars in Scorpio 12th house. However, my chart has a kite; Taurus in Saturn 6th house also trines Midheaven Virgo in 10th house, Midheaven Virgo trines Sun/Mercury Capricorn Retrograde in 2nd house and Capricorn Sun trines Taurus Saturn Retrograde. I also have a “T” in my chart: Taurus Saturn in 6th Retrograde opposes Scorpio Mars in 12th and Capricorn Mercury in 2nd Retrograde squares Virgo Pluto in 10th house.

You mentioned that Sagittarius in Neptune was good for Rising? Well let me enlighten you, not at 0 degrees with Scorpio Rising residue. Not to mention Gemini Descendant: my dealings with men has been a fiasco! Gemini Descendant works good for women who have an acute awareness about themselves. I guess I could say, I’ve learned. The native must be careful with this placement, it has potential for several lovers at one time and one love triangle after the next.

Yes, I agree with you the 12th house (ruled by Neptune and Pisces) secrets of Venus, Mars and Jupiter are hidden to oceanic depths. Hey, I don’t ‘do’ what passes for real life down here. And oooh, it is so cold down here, but I’m used to it:) I’m still searching for my treasures. I’ve come to realize that in my former existences, I must have used beauty and wealth to manipulate and hurt people. I know with Capricorn Sun I will succeed no doubt.

The avataric aspects in my fixed signs for 12th and 6th houses is disturbing to me. I don’t understand it. Astrologers say the 15th degree of Leo, Taurus Aquarius and Scorpio (fixed signs) are “entry points” for very important spiritual energies. If anyone can elaborate, please do so, because inquiring minds want to know.

In 4th, 8th and 12th houses are all water signs in order Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Libra Uranus is in critical 13 degrees, cardinal sign, meaning, frustrations to maladjustment on the other hand, I’m told the native has something to smile about with this placement. Back to and finally my Rising in Sagittarius conjuncts Venus, Jupiter both in Scorpio in 12th and Neptune in Sagittarius in 1st and trines Pluto in Virgo in 10th and trines Chiron in Aries in 4th wear good ole Pisces resides.

I have more information on 12th house if you’re interested in this wicked world. You want believe your eyes!

26 05 2011

Oh, yes, shoot the juice on 12th house and wicked world; I’ve seen it all but fascinated to discover new information sources. Figured you ‘don’t do’ the ‘normal life stuff’ hence the question; how could you? I ‘do’ very little if any of it myself nowadays. We live, we learn. Dealings with men are very tricky and you’re not alone in the fiasco business but then, recently I sympathise with them because I’ve met some awful bitches over the past year; I’m glad I’m not a man, for sure. Ten years of arguments, Oracle ….. Saturn in Libra says ‘have the final word’ and split. With Pluto pumping up Capricornian ego-power, I’m finding any type of psuedo authority pipsqueeks spoiling for a fight these days; I come in peace. If it’s war they want, I am learning to choose my battles wisely.

I don’t know clearly about ‘past lives’ and the roles I played (still playing in the eternal now). But yes, some powerful aspects and perhaps these ‘bleed’ through my piscean persona unconsciously; hence the antagonistic fighting spirit aroused in egocentric little wannabe tyrants. A ‘reader’ related powerful role in Egypt. Areas I am destined to explore now that Neptune has docked into Pisces (opp Pluto desc Virgo, trine Neptune Scorpio) as we navigate the oceanic multiverse of illusion, fantasy and the one dream of unified love.

It is easy to manipulate others with beauty, sexuality and or money; most everyone is playing that Planet Hollywood, Vegas game culturally induced dystopic narcissistic dead-ender of a gameplay. I know that I have consciously NOT manipulated anyone so must have done a fair bit of this myself somewhere, in order to have that little inner voice remind me ‘not’ to! Yet, I get falsley accused as ‘the other woman’ often enough (Venus Scorpio; Lillith Pisces) and it infuriates my Libran sense of justice, my Sag. sense of truth. I just have those sorts of ‘bewitching’ looks and vibes I guess that others secretly seek out. It’s all show no blow with me; I’m happily celibate and intend to remain so unless the alchemical magickal thing is presented.

Sorry I can’t help you with the 15′ business; I think I know that Sabian symbols throw some light on the degrees; perhaps the Tarot and other occultic magickal information sources could help you out there, too. Test Robert out on this or visit his page on for recordings and resources. But I was under the impression that ‘O’ degrees (have a fair number of these myself; Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Asc.) is what it says; the womb of possibility in the manifestation of all that placement has to offer and as such, the purist fullest expression of that force. 29′ is the zenith point for all residuals of previous sign, so zero point demonstrates that these have been cleared?

Look forward to your juicy 12th house revelations, Oracle, and a pleasure to dialogue with you.

So, you have a kite and a T – keeps things interesting. I have a T in fixed Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius involving Uranus, Venus and Chiron. Tell me all your secrets about the 12th house!

27 05 2011

Hi DaftAida:

Hey you have that quality too bewitching looks and vibes. It always gets in the way. Women do not seek me out, they never let me get a chance to be around their man. I’m a very upstanding and respectable woman and I have the utmost value for friendship. I won’t do anything to jeopardize my relationships with my girlfriends. I guess that is the Capricorn in me. Believe me, I know how it is when karma comes calling.

Do you have Venus in the 12th? If you do that probably explains why you’re accused of being the ‘other woman’. Venus in 12th women are not into stealing someone’s man per se, maybe, however, these women need to completely and totally have a soul connection and to be fully understood by their partner. It is not enough to just have a physical connection. The relationship MUST be deep and spiritual in order to feel fulfilled. True intimacy is not achieved until that deep connection is satisfied. If it is not fulfilled then I believe natives will keep looking secretly for someone that will satisfy those needs with them.

I feel you with your choice to be celibate. I completely understand. I’ve been down that path and will be returning in the near future.

Now 12th House revelations, according to the Ancient Egyptians (my favorite people in the whole world), stars here in the 12th House were lost in, and debilitated by the sun’s light at sunrise. 12th house represents ‘colossal blindspot’. Perception is a problem in this house. “Self un-doing” best describes the 12th House and it is potentg enough to make us sick, imprisoned, or enslaved. You know the 12th House rules hospitals, prisons, monasteries, asylums, retreats or any place that one must go away from society. It is all that is hidden. It is secrets, fears, the subconscious, criminal activity, spirituality, ghosts, dreams, meditation, retreat, solitude, imprisonment, museums, hospitals, institutions, merging, imagination, the intangible and all the ways that you sabotage yourself.

Pay attention to what frightens you “out there” because it’s quite likely this enemy lurks in the shadows of your own nature, described by your 12th House planets or signs. A good example, would be my Mars in Scorpio in 12th. Mars is the archetypal warrior, representing the ability to set boundaries, be self-assertive, get angry when necessary. People with Mars in 12th often have difficulty going after what they want. They’re outwardly gentle and agreeable for the most part lacking Mars’ sharp attacks. You can cross them several times and get no reaction, but one day someone may receive a full-blown explosion from a native of this placement once Mars in 12th has risen it’s consciousness.

On a more detailed note, 12th house planets and signs are like children with special needs. They’ve suffered a critical deprivation. Our early environment did not encourage or support our expression. We may be usurped, denied, or shamed byour caretakers. Somehow we got the message we’re unsafe to express. In my early childhood I got the notion it was unsafe to even speak. So I never talked. With Scorpio in 12th, I may be too embarrassed to reveal my passion. With Venus also placed here, I won’t know how beautiful, how senuous, artistic or loving I can be.

12th House is the most fascinating of the houses. Self sabotage, secret enemies, and witches also reside here. Enemies in this house tend to hurt us by clandestine means. In my opinion, this house is tricky because you’re doing things to sabotage yourself and not realize that you are doing it. Remember 12th house is the blindspot. It is house of inner living and boundless imagination, ruled by Neptune and Pisces. 12th House people can be extremely imaginative, their inner world is very vivid–for example, they can play a tune in their heads, just like they are hearing an audio player. They have an ability to relive emotions, this house is undoubtedly brimming with echoes from their past. They are imprisoned by their past and can’t really dissociate from their past, they suffer a kind of emotional claustrophobia.

There is some self-delusive tendency to this house, according to the tune of Pisces. This house is particularly vulnerable to feelings of vague, existential angst. There is some tendency for great dependence on others in this house (especially in weak or unfocused charts) and some fear of loneliness. At times, this can be indeed the loneliest place on earth. It is believed it is the most intricate of houses and it is quite easy to get lost within its shadows. However, there is unusual potential here, making ways requires lots of drive and determination.

This is a dreamy house. Of course, there is a difference between weaving a dream and actually being able to carry it through. The rest of the native’s chart should reflect enough energies in order to work toward goals with these 12th house dreams. If the chart is weak, and cannot bring dreams to reality, the result can easily come to forms of substance abuse or other escapist techniques to disengage from the dreary, unexciting real world.

This house native’s are mor inclined to live in “fairy-tales”, live through dreams. There’s a tendency for 12th house people to see their experiences in a kind of mythical light, wanting to bring something special in their life and often picturing themselves as some kind of heroic or tragic figure (often a more internal process).

Unfortunately the more unstable ones of this house do tend to embrace the tragedies of their lives in a more self-destructive fashion. On the other side, strong 12th house persons can make the wondrous things of this house come to reality with just enough persistence. Because of this tendency to dream big, this house has perhaps the most extensive potential in the entire house system although it may sometimes come to an all-or-nothing mentality. Those that do carry out their desires often touch a large public.

There is more to come on 12th house, but I must stop here.

Now to your question on 29′ and 0′ clearing it. It may have some truth, I don’t know, however, planets close enough to the end of a house should be interpreted as in, or blended with the next house. Just as I mentioned before, I have both Sagittarius and Scorpio tendencies in my Rising. It is sometimes annoying because I can send the wrong message to people with the look in my eyes.

So tell me what you think. I like dialogue with too. You explain so well the aspects of your chart better than I do, that’s for sure. What’s up with your “T”?

I will check out too.

28 05 2011

We definitely have that in common; arousing sexual insecurities in other women! Like you, it is totally against my ethics to even consider other women’s men attractive; usually they aren’t in any case and even if they were, they are only so relative to how well they treat the woman concerned for that woman’s sake alone. They are merely an extension of the female friend; a shadow. So, it’s been very surprising to find this in strangers as well as friends. I couldn’t be less interested. But then again, we’re all minds and I can talk literally about anything with anyone.

As for the twelth house, yes, my Pisces Rising is all twelth house stuff, made conscious as the ‘last is the first’ and I’ve done extensive research into these 12th House issues. No, my Venus is in 9th house. Only 12th house occupant is Chiron in Aquarius 13′. But with Pluto in 7th, opp Asc. these issues are likely to be projected by others! Oddly enough, have been plagued almost to death by neighbour who is predominanty Capricorn with 3 planets in 12th house (on meds, projector, infantile, institutionalised) who has involved me with all the ‘authorities’ I loathe; police, social services, land ‘lord’, mental health sycophants, hospitals …… unfortunately, lives directly above me. Extremely jealous, malicious and vindictive. Fantasist. These days in our socialist dystopia, the entire edifice of power/control Guv’ authorities create, encourage and support their dependants. With Pluto in Cap squaring all personal native planets in Libra and Saturn conjuncting them (Uranus opposing all) it’s an interesting position!

I think the position of 29′ to O’ is tricky because the majority of people cannot say EXACTLY when they were born and with the rising sign at any rate, precision is paramount between these two degress. It makes sense to me that a full climax be reached at 29′ leaving a cleansed full force purity at 0′. Although, of course, that would depend on the native’s ability to recognise ‘past issues’ from previous sign culminating into lessons learned/wisdom; the best of which would be applied within the new expression.

With Pisces or 12th House issues (as with so much else) the maxim ‘To thine own self be true and surely then thou canst deceive another’ (or be deceived by another. Know Thyself. Diving deep within Self is the hardest and most necessary journey of our time; particularly as Planet Hollywood pirated Neptune. Oh, and how all those institutions so oft reeled out in celluloid are becoming ever more intrusive in our so called reality. Prisons, mental institutions, drugs, intoxication, virtual realities, trance musak …..

If people don’t know their minds, they won’t notice when they’ve lost them!

The tension of my ‘T’ is a new discovery for me; Uranus, Venus and Chiron in Leo 6th, Scorpio 9th and Aquarius 12th is a conundrum I have yet to fully contemplate.

‘Til next we speak …… let me know how Pluto is dealing with you.

28 05 2011

With Pisces in your 12th, I gather you are alone. With my Scorpio stellium in 12th I feel quite alone although I’m with someone. Hey, he doesn’t understand me anyway. Even though he swears he does.

You could have not said any better, ‘Know Thyself’, the old African Proverb. I recommend all people study themselves before they study any religion of any kind. Because until you know who you are, religion can only do so much for you anyway.

How Pluto is dealing with me, now that’s an interesting question. Pluto is in Virgo 10th house and my Midheaven is in Virgo 10th, Capricorn Sun in 2nd sextiles Midheaven Virgo in 10th and Mercury Capricorn Retrograde 2nd squares Pluto in Virgo 10th. Mercury Capricorn Retrograde 2nd trines Midheaven Virgo in 10th. Pluto in Virgo 10th squares Ascendant Sagittarius 1st, Pluto Virgo sextiles Jupiter Scorpio 12th and Neptune Sagittarius 1st.

Pluto wants me to do human revolution and I cannot do it fast enough. Pluto Virgo 10th semisquare Mars in Scorpio 12th Retrograde and Pluto Virgo sesquiquadrate Saturn in Taurus Retrograde 6th. There is still some overcoming of obstacles to face, but like I said before, Pluto is pushing hard, telling me you have more strength than you realize. You will be victorious, just take action. I’m very excited about my life. It scares me to feel this way! I feel very good and is expecting everything wonderful, good and true to happen to me. Pluto will be in Capricorn for the next 14 years. That is 14 years of tremendous fortune, transcendence, and transformation I will be living to its fullest! I don’t know about you, but I cannot stop smiling!

As you’ve mention our society is obsessed with the 12th house so to speak, but is not obsessed with transforming it and realizing it’s true phenomenon. I’m like you, I can’t stand the police either and judges, bureaucrats, mental institutions (and my mother is in and out of psyche units battling her mental illness) and hospitals. And landlords, hey, my landlord threatened to take possession after I’ve been living here for 7 years because the grass is dead (a problem they and the owner were well aware of) and the grass has been troubled and taken over by weeds since I’ve lived here. No matter what I do to it, nothing helps. Talk about stupid! That’s so funny because I’m born under a sign of authority. It’s also cool though, because my purpose in life is to establish world peace. There are many placements in my chart that support this. I’ll tell you about them.

I often wonder why we are not taught to study ourselves?

Take care of yourself, DaftAida.

28 05 2011

No, Oracle, Pisces is in the 1st. I am alone physcially (aside from intrusion of Cap neighbour) but not ‘alone’ in ‘lonely’. Over the past couple of years, I have been exposed to too many programmed low life’s and need solitude to recoup. I’m happy for the moment, just gardening (if shifting tons of rubble 40 years old since the conversion of this property constitutes gardening!). That said, planting and growing food and flowers is creating nourishment and beauty amid the desert storms of dehumanity.

I’ve lived here 26 years and the land ‘lord’ is doing the power game beyond the realms of belief. They are going to look so bloody stupid and pathetic for all their arrogance and contempt, once I finally put my foot down (hovering a quarter inch from ground level at present).

You know, the greatest sense of lonliness I have ever experienced is living with someone when the communication has stonewalled; it’s very painful, no? I know you know this. With so much ‘oomph’ to your energies, via Pluto, making a big break should be a walk in the park.

We are not guided to know ourselves for obvious reasons; everything from birth onwards is geared to take us further away from the knowing we were born with. Were it not so, the world and life experience would not be so. The PTB (or rather, the powers that were, soon to be vanquished) have contrived that we forget ourSelves and this is done through the trauma of the birth process, vaccinations, medications, food contamination, indoctrination in every which way especially, the media. More recently, the electromagnetic onslaught is wiping out the ability to think at all.

If we were encouraged to know ourselves, the game would have been over before it began.

But some of us, despite it all, question, seek and learn. One of my earliest teachers was Astrology. But this too, will pass.

For me, Pluto has been knocking me sideways; insisting that I do the ‘David and Goliath’ number in my very personal realm. We have to empower ouselves through Pluto transits. Yes, I have Pluto trining my natal Pluto and with Capricorn transit, he is both empowering the big bully guys in order that we take a stand to bring them to their knees.

I often think that one learns either humility or humiliation.

Keep smiling – the world needs it!

29 05 2011

‘With Pluto pumping up Capricornian ego-power, I’m finding any type of psuedo authority pipsqueeks spoiling for a fight these days…’ This is wonderfully apt and would be funny were the global stakes not so high. Yes, just to remember the PTB are really PAPs brings a smile and the freedom to see the Emperors are, after all, born buck naked just like the rest of us! Humor is the gift of insight. TY.

29 05 2011

Well DaftAida you said it just right and you too Luna. Yes Astrology will pass like every thing else shall pass. The law of impermenance is inevitable. I was always in awe at the fact Gods would go into extinction and mankind would believe one thing today and then believe something else tomorrow. So cool.

I’m feeling as Luna mentioned, the “Pluto pumping up Capricornian ego-power”. It is sometimes overwhelming, but pushing me forward toward my goals tenaciously.

All I know is I desire a man who is the martyr type, long-suffering that is very sweet, extremely compassionate and empathetic that wears the mask of toughness, roughness, thug-life being Capricorn Sun with Neptune in Scorpio in 7th House!

29 05 2011

Oh, Oracle MOST men are like that, you know ….. it takes a real woman to winkle it out of them, ever so playfully, ever so gently. I learned this late; before my Piscean friend docked in my bay, I had been rather combatative with men (Mars conj Sun) and kept them at arms length emotionally and psychically. With this one, (we were both Roosters) a head on fight would’ve seen feathers and blood all over the shop, so I had to adopt a more feminine strategy (for the first time in my life). With this, his silent but strong, tough ‘big man’ facade was penetrated by an innocent, playful sweetness within me which had not been allowed expression before. It was a new experience for each of us and very private, special. D

29 05 2011

Yes, this is so true. I naturally have the ability, but never realized it before. Men like to be needed that is the key. I was told Capricornian men are very good at being needed and playing the martyr since they suffer much throughout their life time. But that is what I like about them. See on the other end of the spectrum of one who suffers is someone who can also extremely passionate, compassionate and spiritual. Being Scorpio Venus/Mars and an ole Cap myself, this is what I crave most in a relationship.

My Aries significant other realizes this about me, but won’t dare talk to me about it.

1 06 2011

Oracle, the 12th House is discussed on Robert Phoenix’s show tonight (podcast) you can pick it up via his facebook page. Later it’ll be loaded on his other sites or It’s the Wednesday astrological matrix show. Fancy that, must be something on the airwaves! I’ll tune into it later.

8 06 2011

Hello DaftAida:

I’ve been busy researching more astrology for myself, like what are my Part of Fortune, and Vertex placements. Well anyway, I found out that I have Part of Fortune in 15 degrees Leo and Vertex in Scorpio 16 degrees. What is up with this 15 degree fixed sign stuff?

I’m not sure what to think of it either. Anyway, I missed Robert Phoenix’s blog talk radio on the 12th house. I guess I have to catch him next time. Did you tune in to it?

8 06 2011

Hi Oracle,

I don’t really get into the degree stuff or asteroids – life’s really too short for such (in my opinion, Virgoan analytical analaties – ha! – says she with a 14′ Mercury Virgo). The Sabian Symbols represent the degrees and days of a birthchart if you want to look that up. As for Robert’s show, I did tune in but via podcast (each show is recorded so you can listen anytime) The readings were brilliant, the callers were very interesting but as for the 12th House interview, it did not translate well enough to follow. Robert is trying to get a clearer feed from this interview and has promised to put it on his blogpage for tonight’s show instead of doing the live readings, as he’s taking a couple of days break. You can listen to the shows anytime via

15 06 2011

Hello DaftAida:

Thanks for the info, I will be tuning in to see what all this talk about the 12th House is all about.

15 06 2011

There’s still a problem with cleaning up the interview transmission – still not on site but tune in Wednesday’s from next week; better still, call in and ask him when he next does a call in show; it’s be interesting for everyone.

23 01 2013

I am a Capricorn sun and appearently have my Venus in Scorpio woman, what can you tell me about this placement? I am extremely curious to see what this says about me and the vibes that I exude. My birthday is 12-30-78. Any information or I site would be greatly appreciated!

23 01 2013

I am a Capricorn sun/Venus in Scorpio woman, what can you tell me about this placement? I am extremely curious to see what this says about me and the vibes that I exude. My birthday is 12-30-78. Any information or incite would be greatly appreciated!

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