Waters of my Cup

The feeling that once so intensely swept

Through my veins and through my brain

The intensity and the rushing rage I felt

Has now gone, gone, now that I have slept.

Seeing double for as many double days and nights

Having troubles on those torrid thoughts of fright

But now how calm, how soft, how easy to close

My eyes and see easy sounds and heavenly sights.

Now I feel at one with the humble sounds of nature

Now I easily drown in thoughts of sweet and easy dreams

Of mountains and forests and grounds

Filled with easy air away from busy towns

And hostile lands and barren deserted places.

The spectres of my memories

Filled with demons, filled with fear and

Thoughts of losing my breath

Of losing conscious seeing of the day light

Of losing feeling of losing control of life.

But tranquil water glistening in my cup

In whose light I see a faint image of a face,

A face, a face of smiling warmth

And easy breath, and easy breathing

Whose visage is nothing more than a

Feeling, whose living force is made present

Through that glinting comforting wamth

That makes her way into my redemed mind.

Strange, but filled with bright gleaming

Golden light of the Heaven’s most beautiful kind,

I am now relaxed and completely in truce with

The forces of evil contemplation that attack the mind.

And her dewy reflection in the warm liquid of my cup,

Fills my body with warmth, and my soul.

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