What will happen in the year 2012? Predictions, predictions…

Lots of people like the idea that the year 2012 is the “end of the world”. To me, it is a romantic idea, not a reality. I’d like to bet you $5,000 that the “end of the world” will not happen. (The end being a situation where we all die, and just the ants are left.) There are many great videos out there on youtube about the end, and about 2012. There is also lots of stuff on conspiracy theory etc. In the end though, this is all just great story telling, and I suspect that in many cases it’s there to try to get you to change your political or religious convictions.

Personal Viewpoint

As a conservative Catholic and as a believer in Zen, my convictions are not easily changed by any films or anything that anyone says. The book of prophecy for me is the book of Revelation, and in fact Jesus says that “there will be wars and rumours of wars, there will be earthquakes and disasters, but the end will not come”. This book is reassuring in that the promise is that in “the end”, our saviour will appear in the sky and will be visible for all to see, and there will be no doubt whatsoever about the end and about redemption and being saved.

Neptune in Pisces?

So what is all the fuss about 2012? Perhaps we are to enter into a new epoch. And the transit of Neptune into Pisces will mark a change in the world energy or feeling which is a once in a 14 year occasion. This is actually happening as of April 2011 and is a very exciting astrological phenomenon, especially since modern astrologers consider Pisces the natural home of Neptune. The idea of a planet coming back home to where it is happiest for the first time in approximately 150 years is encouraging. If Neptune in Virgo during the “great depression”, was a dreadful thing, then Neptune back home should bring great happiness.

True prediction through Astrology

Needless to say, the question of what will happen in 2012 was asked and a horary chart was drawn up. Click on chart to zoom in.

The chart rises with Gemini in the Eastern horizon. The world is dialectic, of two minds, a world of business and communication, a world of commuting and daily travel. Our world and people are Geminian at the present time and in 2012. Focus is on what our neighbours are doing, and on our brothers and sisters, we live in an intellectual world, where knowledge is the key. Mercury in Aries signifies a “new world” and an “innocent” one, and it is true that many things are new.

Mercury separating from Saturn lord of the 8th and 9th houses signifies our recent past. Saturn brought death and transformation and conflict between the “new” aggressive way and the old balance, symbolised by Saturn. Since Saturn is in such high dignity, it was in fact Saturn which won the battle. But Saturn is not the future, but the past.

On first looking at this chart, I didn’t realise that Mercury was in fact slow. Not only is it slow, but it stations at 24 Aries, turns retrograde and heads straight to Combustion into an exalted Sun without aspecting any other planets prior to combustion.


When I had started writing this article I was pretty sure that nothing would happen. But now I am convinced of the truth of all of the hype. Something catastrophic will DEFINITELY happen. The bet is still on though. I’ll happily bet you that I won’t die in 2012, and if we get resurrected in the kingdom of heaven for eternal life, there probably won’t be any money to speak of, just eternal bliss and love.



In the chart, Moon is in Libra, not void, since she makes the trine to 9th house Neptune. Libran Moon is one which signifies peace. The world will be at peace in 2012 contrary to all current indications. Perhaps it will be a Pax Romana, as the UN is currently flexing its muscles and showing the world that it is the ultimate power. Libra is the sign of alliance. The trine to Neptune in the 9th signifies spiritual feeling, and philosophy, this trine is about high ideals and peace.

What is the catastrophe?

The 3rd house is the source of the initial destruction, with Sun as lord of the 3rd we can expect that it will be words that bring about our demise. Could it simply be our own mental attitude that leads us all to our doom? The 3rd house is more than just words. Some might point out that the 3rd does actually signify our physical day to day ENVIRONMENT. And of course it an open secret that our environment is something which we all depend on. However, our home, the planet would be signified by the 4th house. There is no escaping Mercury is ruler of the 1st and 4th heading for destruction, meaning that we (humans) face destruction along with the places that we call home. But the 3rd and 4th signify more than just home, this is our heritage and it is our roots, and history and it is in mundane terms the crops, supplies, and land, as well as natural resources.

The 11th house hasn’t been mentioned. This house signifies good things. It signifies wishes and hopes, it signifies friendships and happiness, it signifies groups. The so called destruction signified by the Sun will not be a great “Cataclysm”, it might have been if Sun were lord of the 12th or the 8th, however, the kind of “end of the world” with billions vaporised, must be out of the question.

The fact that the 11th house is the setting is intriguing. This house is not destructive, in fact it is one of the most positive houses. So, what will happen in 2012? The 11th house Sun might be seen as a group. This is not an alliance, it is a group with a a royal monarch or “leader”, since it is a most dignified Sun. Is it a secret group? No. The Sun is currently in  the 10th, meaning it is obvious to all, this group is well known and famous already. Interestingly the 11th is actually ruled by a Pisces Mars, in MR with an 11th house Jupiter. Mars has triplicity, terms, face, and domicile by mutual reception, which makes it as strong and powerful in the 10th as any Scorpio Mars, and outmatching any Aries or Capricorn Mars. The focus on the 11th house here is tripled up.

So the sources of destruction in the chart are not shown to be “natural disasters” such as Earthquakes or whatnot, since these are of the 8th and 12th houses. The sources are the 3rd house and the 11th. A group will be the source of change and it will control the Newspapers and Internet and all sources of information, and communication and transport (3rd house).

Noble Destroyers

In many ways this chart is reassuring. All planets have got some essential dignity, even if it is only through mutual reception. The Sun, is both in triplicity and exaltation, in one of the best houses for “hope”.

Note on the Question

When I asked this question, I was asking on behalf of the world. Not on behalf of one nation, or one group of people. If you wish to interpret this chart then, you must consider Mercury as ruling “all people”, and indeed in the 11th house this meaning is fitting. So to say that one group will attack one country will be off target in terms of my “global question”, one group must attack the entire world so to speak. With this in mind it must of needs not be an attack as such, but rather an idea, and that fits in with the 3rd.

More Clues

It is a mystery what the Sun may or may not represent in this chart, though it is a certainty that whatever “End” is in store, the Sun is it. Clues to help us identify the source of destruction are that this destroyer has recently had a sudden change or discovery, this might be scientific, (Sun Uranus conjunction). This is not a devious discovery since Sun is dignified and strong, it may relate to self-hood and independence. Between now and the catastrophe, Sun will go through the Saturn-Jupiter opposition, undergoing death and transformation thanks to Saturn. Saturn rules the 5th, 8th and 9th in this chart sitting in the 5th house, so we will see opposition to this destroyer from all things ruled by these houses. Traditional religion (Saturn as ruler of 9th) will oppose this destroyer, forces of death and destruction may pummel it (Saturn as 8th ruler). Interestingly in the 5th house, Saturn must signify children or forces of creativity and self-expression being opposed. Then the conjunction with Jupiter will signify destruction of opposition, (Jupiter lord of the 7th house).

Additionally, Sun must go through an 8th house Pluto square, which signifies some deep transformations. What we eventually see as the force of change will not be the same as what is currently in existence.

The 11th house is definitely a parliamentary house. It’s basically a round table. Only this round table has got its figurehead and leader, it’s got its Arthur. The end of the world is definitely a political end rather than a physical end. It will happen, and it will be dreamlike, thanks to the Neptune trine from Moon. Will there be war? Mars is not involved in any aspects here, this is a Solar end, not a Martian end, Mars also rules the 6th house, so it is unlikely that there will be pestilence etc. Death and total devastation? Mercury does not make contact with Saturn, although it does come to within half a degree orb before turning direct at 12’53 Aries. So it may even look as if there is danger, but it will be averted at the last minute, but this will be after the main event of Mercury combust in the Sun. Out of all of the conspiracy theories, the one about the NWO and the formation of a world government seems most likely in the light of this horary, but the twist is, its leadership will be royal, or regal at least, and though it’s a group, united by common interest, it won’t be egalitarian or Aquarian, it’ll be of the nature of Aries, self-interested and it’ll be forceful and direct and open, with no secrets.


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