When the Sun changes signs: Pisces


When life is sterile, and there is no joy in anything, when there is nothing to look forward to and nothing worth saying, when there is no beauty, just grey dullness, this is when the human soul perishes. In Aquarius, the Sun, the sphere which rules the heart, is at its weakest and darkest. In Pisces there is the beginning of hope, the sign which is ruled by Jupiter and where Venus planet of beauty also has power.


On a daily basis one has to serve, to do the daily chores and work. The reason millions turn to drinking too much is that they don’t have the spiritual light in them, it is lost through those daily worries, which revolve around the self, around family members and work and chores, and all those things become chains around our necks, making the world seem grey and dull. Drink is one spiritual death, among many others promoted by the powers that don’t want people to see the truth.


Praying is spiritual. Spiritual activity is a special kind of thought which is not based on logic, but based on faith. In order for your prayers to be fulfilled, your mind must be cleared from falseness, from desires which cloud the real spiritual soul.


Mercury planet of logic is in fall and in detriment in Pisces. This means that Pisces does not work on principles of logic, or rather on things which you can see, with your eyes, or touch with your hands. Jupiter works on pure faith. It’s Colombus’s ship heading out into an ocean on pure faith. There is a point where you don’t need to know, but believe. Venus in exaltation does the same thing, she doesn’t know logically her love, because it works on faith.


On an affective level, which is the right way to live? To be a perfect robot, with our senses dulled by the powers that be, without emotions used for the purposes of peaceful capitalism? I declare a spiritual war on the forces that be. Jesus was right in that the “rich man cannot enter into heaven”. The rich man does not seek.


When there is hope, when there is something beautiful to live for, then there is life. There are invisible spiritual lines, like ropes which go through everything. Many things in life serve to cut these lines off. When someone becomes cynical and thinks that all possibilities are exhausted, in fact that there are no possibilities, this is the greatest deception of life, it is very sad.


But in fact, to dream is to create. The spiritual man, is able to walk on water, because he can see the invisible spiritual lines that exist. He may not be able to find a way himself, but God, who protects and loves all, will find a way, for those who have true faith.


All things which focus on the self, take us away from the spiritual life. Do not try to discover yourself, or “who you are”, these modern paradigms are foolish. Follow the stream up river, see the invisible kingdom which exists.


One response

14 12 2013

This was very insightful and beautiful. I guess that’s bad that I am Pisces sun, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Pisces, and Mercury in Pisces(anaretic degree) so ouch; however, I have read if you can overcome the obstacles of the anaretic degree it is an extreme talent, and all these placements are in the third house. I also have moon trine venus and mercury, and I do feel a need to communicate. I do get lost easily from the Lord. I do believe and it is an amazingly comforting thought that Jesus died for us and will lead us home, and sometimes I struggle with maybe there isn’t a God but there could be so much more to it all. Not sure if we are God’s ourselves, and I feel that a very dangerous thing to think. Sometimes I think that I can feel my soul here just learning. Gathering on my endless journey into the vastness of it all. I especially like the last paragraph. I think the ego must be dissolved to start anew. To feel the beautiful current we are all travelling upon. To not get lost in the corruption but rise above, it’s interesting and all, with the switch into Aquarius. I don’t know about you, but I can already feel the tides shifting.

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