30 08 2011

The malefics Saturn and Mars are guilty of all of our depression and anger, in this order. All unhappiness in life can be traced back to disappointment, or lack. When one goes to the core of it, it is lack of affection (Venus) and loss of hope (Jupiter) which activates the malefics within.

The only way to deal with malefics properly is to develop affection within, and to develop hope within, without depending on any external reality or force, without relying on  the love of any one other person.

Meditation and prayer as well as religion are the path which Jupiter takes. Venus takes the path of beauty and appreciation.

But the key of course is that beauty and illumination are not always in our world around us. One day is beautiful and sunny, and the next day it’s raining and the world is a hard place. The only answer is an inner answer.

In meditation, it is possible to find illumination. The key is to stop depending on the external world’s influence. The key is to stop thinking with the rational material mind.

The 12th house

29 08 2011


The problem with most people’s perception of the 12th is that it means trouble, only if you have the wrong attitude. When things go badly, and we lose, when we lose things in our lives which are important, it’s a sorrow.

But, if you are able to let go of what is lost, then a peculiar feeling of redemption, if not even joy can happen. In the 8th house things die, but they don’t really die, they are transformed and changed into different things. The 8th is death and transformation, where even the death of a loved one can mean an inheritance and renewed life.

The 12th does not give direct renewal. It wipes clean everything. The energy in  the 12th house is not transformative, it is the energy of deep space, i.e. a very low energy, of almost absolute zero. A planet in deep space has no life, since it is simply too cold, so the product of the 12th is nothing. There is total peace, and entropy.

When the active mind of man tries to create something in the 12th, it simply doesn’t have the energy to move forward. Abandonment is the keynote of this house. When things don’t work out then, meditation is the only possible option. To refuse to accept the losses of the 12th house is to bring the pain of hell. The ego, with all of its desires and wants, gets nothing in this house. The ego in fact, which is energetic, by the law of entropy, is reduced in the 12th house. The ego here is brought down to almost absolute zero, simply by the fact that it is in empty space, and with no energy to feed it.


Suffering is common in the 12th house when the person is not humble enough to accept loss. If the man accepted loss, as he stepped into the 12th, the fire of hell would not be upon him. The fire of hell is in fact nothing more than the disintegration of the ego. Suffering in the 12th is caused by lack of understanding and lack of respect for God. In the 12th, man is subject to God, to judgement. If he is humble and does not take more than what he is meant, then the 12th house experience is just a quiet time. If however, the man is attached to his desires, to his life too much, then the 12th house experience will incur suffering. In one sense this is karma for past selfish actions. However, karma is not external. As explained above, it is the expectation or the idea that the “I”, or the ego will be fulfilled or even should be fulfilled, that brings about the pain of disappointment. As I go into the 12th, if I am humble and I expect nothing for myself, and I get nothing, I am unharmed by the forces in this house. I was content because I hoped for nothing and I desired nothing, and nothing therefore gave me a cause for unhappiness.

The benefits of the 12th house

The 12th house in one sense streamlines the man and gives him less weight to carry. The 12th is indeed the place where you are able to rid yourself of all things which weigh you down, including your own desires and your own ego. At first it feels like suffering, to be forced into losing certain hopes, certain material things or other things which make up life.

But as the monk who comes out of the monastery after praying for countless hours, as he emerges from the darkness of the 12th, with no ego, with no mind, he opens the door of the monastery and he sees a tree for the first time in what seems an eternity, and he sees it with the eyes of a child, it’s a pure impression with no ego affecting his vision. The monk indeed sees the world through the eyes of God, because he has no ego, he has no “I” which sees the world according to its personal desires.

When everything is lost in the 12th house, we can begin to see the world again with a freshness, with the eyes of a new born child, with potential. At the beginning of the 12th house it rains a lot, it storms a lot and there is destruction one way or another. But after the rain, the air is clear and fresh, there is no dust.

ALL suffering can be avoided if humanity were able to accept loss. If we were able to see the giant invisible knife of God coming down to amputate us from the things he didn’t wish us to have. As a humanity we would be able to accept the destruction instead of trying to fight it and keep it alive at all costs.

Today I lost something important, (there was a new moon in the 12th with Venus), but I have accepted it. It is gone, and I am free. I am God’s child and I will follow the path that he instructs me on. I have no personal desire, except the desire to serve God. God’s will is good. All egos are destroyed in life or in death, and in the next life the soul will continue. 

Jesus and Nuclear Weapons

7 08 2011

It has been discovered that the US military used Jesus Christ as propaganda for justifying the use of Nuclear Weapons.

Obviously the vast majority of people who consider themselves “normal” decry this as fundamentalist right wing propaganda, and an abuse and a warping of the truth. Christ’s doctrine of love one another doesn’t seem to fit in with the idea of a nuclear warhead, which could kill millions and leave immense suffering and misery in its wake.

However, on a spiritual level, a nuclear warhead’s purpose is annihilation of MATERIAL REALITY. One thing that Christ said was “follow me”, and that we ought to abandon everything relating to this world and to the senses. The WEST has a lot of nuclear weapons, but it also has a lot of material reality. Where there are nuclear weapons there is intense materialism, and people only see with their senses in the three dimensions, they do not see beyond these dimensions.

Collectively speaking these weapons are karma. Annihilation of matter, is stored in a warhead. The potential for destruction is maintained in a tightly sealed and controlled tank, poised on a rocket. It’s basically Plutonic Karma, concentrated Karmic tomato ketchup. Collectively it’s a sign of rotten society, which is unable  to connect with the destruction within itself, but instead bottles destruction in a concentrated form and calls it a “warhead”.

But collective consciousness begins in the individual. The idea of Christ saying to us that we must abandon everything and follow him, itself has been misunderstood. To follow Christ means destruction of the “self” and the personal “ego”, with a nuclear warhead. Christ is something, consciousness which tells us to annihilate our-selves. When Job lost everything he had, he was tested in his spirit and in his love for God, the inner monad. When Christ was able to perform miracles, he wasn’t operating within the three dimensions, he was operating outside of them, because his personality and his ego was not in the way.

What was Jesus’s personality? What things did he enjoy to satisfy himself? What idiosyncrasies did he have? We know that the man lived, as a man. And we also know that the Devil came to him and tempted him and he renounced it. In essence Christ was able to conquer his own personality, and to destroy it with nuclear weapons. Pluto symbolises this triumph over evil, resurrection and will-power. Pluto symbolises the devil too, and those that succumb to evil and to temptation are the slaves of Pluto and basically under the power of Satan.

It is easy for us to see the 1st and 10th house which is why these houses have so much power in the chart. They are the most angular powerful and material houses in the chart. However, all houses are equal in that what the 1st puts forward and creates and shows to the world will always be annihilated by the 12th house. The positive charge of the life force of a person, however strong will always be brought to where it started, nothing, which is the same for nations and empires, however high their buildings are and however powerful their doctrines and cultures are.

The beginning of consciousness is the death of the self, death and transformation of the self, it’s the point where the self as the devil is subjected to the divine creator, the inner monad, the spiritual consciousness, which is awake to all of the senses and goes beyond the senses detectable by the personality and the body. This marks the 8th house death and re-birth in the 9th.

Christ used to pray a lot, we know this. It is likely that he meditated intensely, we know also that he went without food or human contact in the desert for long periods. Meditation and praying are the keys to consciousness. During our meditation, the self is present, but must be subjected to the spirit. This is a great battle. It requires will, as strong as a nuclear warhead. For the spirit to conquer all of the different personalities and psychological egos which exist within is a life-work.

The self is always looking to the future, and hoping that it will be satisfied. But all of this is of the devil. There is  no true satisfaction except through Christ. There is no true salvation except through the total renunciation of the self, of all desires, and of all hopes and wishes. Jesus let himself go starve in the wilderness, this symbolises total rejection of the five material senses, of the indulgence of the self, of all hope for the self and the ego. It is in essence the nuclear weapon unleashed on the self, and on what we Westerners call “matter” and the only thing which our culture truly values and sees.

What is required is to take the lid off those weapons and to douse ourselves in Plutonium. We should let our hopes and dreams go. We should not think about money or love or dinner tomorrow night. It’s the absolute which is necessary. If I said, “nothing is here, I am nothing, I came from nothing and this is where I go”, then this is spiritual progress. We must have compassion for others, but we must also understand that the essence of life is non-presence of matter, but presence of consciousness, which is to be attained through meditation and prayer.