Jupiter Aquarius

1 10 2009

Jupiter has terms at 20 to 25 degrees of Aquarius. In the rest of this sign Jupiter is peregrine, meaning that it has no essential dignity. A peregrine planet is in some texts said to be worse off than one in detriment. In Saturn’s intellectual sign Jupiter must be sociable and responsible, must think seriously or progressively.

The opportunities for natives born with this placing come from dealings with people, from contacts and acquaintances. People with this placing are friendly, and make friends with anyone, getting the best from them without much effort. The nature of Jupiter is searching, and restless, Aquarius tends to either be traditional or radically different, Jupiter is able to find good things in either mode of existence.

Symbolising the potential for growth and for expansion as well as moral or religious feeling, Jupiter in Aquarius is under the guidance of Saturn, a most cautious and believe only what you see planet. As a result opportunities here are not seen as coming from some “higher power”, but from cold reality, the facts of existence, from the human race’s own superior achievements in the animal kingdom and from society’s marvelous co operation and cohesion. For this reason, people with Jupiter in Aquarius believe in “people” rather than in God, all good things, for them, come from what they’ve given out to society, coming back, the term “one good turn deserves another” or “what you give, you get” is very fitting for this placing. This placing though can in its less dignified manifestation result in people who are so friendly and get along so well with people, that they will simply turn up and take advantage of hospitality by staying more than just a couple of nights. This is not to say that their stay is not paid for some way. Jupiter in Aquarius has many interesting stories and is able to make itself someone that apparently has much wisdom to share especially if it has a group of people available to listen to it.

The ill dignity of Jupiter in Aquarius may arise from various different reasons. Jupiter is the principle of perpetual growth, travel, wisdom, belief, and in essence it is all about the feeling of joy and happiness. In Aquarius the limit to these things is that Aquarius doesn’t believe in what it doesn’t already know or have proven. Obviously there is a limit to knowledge, once the rules are known, once the technology is discovered there is no “further” expansion.


Some people with this placement include Emmanuel Kant, Barack Obama, Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein

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