Saturn in Libra

“Marriage is not to us a Sacrament, but, upon the other hand, the love of a man and woman, and the inseparable physical desire, are sacred. This conviction has come to us through ancient philosophy and modern literature, and it seems to us a most sacrilegious thing to persuade two people who hate each other…to live together, and it is to us no remedy to permit them to part if neither can re-marry.” W.B. Yeats

Libra is Saturn´s sign of exaltation. Saturn is also said to have both terms, face and triplicity in various degrees of this sign. So in Libra it is possible for Saturn to actually hold as much essential dignity as in his signs of rulership Capricorn and Aquarius. In Libra then, Saturn is at home, he is not given the authority or responsibility that is given in his own signs, but he is given all of the fine things, ease and happiness that it is possible for that benific Venus to give.

Libra has rulership over bedrooms, boudoirs, boutiques, beauty parlours, closets, florists and private chambers. But in truth these places are all derived from the balanced, airy and cool, yet pleasant time of year which marks tropical Libra. The sign is one of plenty, and this is so because of the hard work of Virgo in the previous month. After the harvest there is a clean and pure air which is distinct from summer´s heat and dryness. But in fact Saturn here is given by Venus a time of ease and relaxation, he is given time in which to share the resources reaped over the year, to trade and barter with them, but also to give in order to gain alliances, friends, and of course what Libra primarily cares for: marriage and relationships.

Saturn in Libra is in easy pleasurable terrain; namely a matrimonial bed with soft clean sheets, with pictures on the wall, nice food on the table, and the company with which to share it; all the things that make life beautiful and easier to live. And Saturn being Saturn has knowledge of the rest of the Zodiac and realises that this is one sign where his tired head has easy rest, has some of the best. Now of course having possession of nice things on their own is fairly pointless, which is why Saturn needs people to share them in this sign. A picture might be beautiful, and so might a bed be soft, but it is so much better for Saturn to have someone else to acknowledge it and to share in it. But of course this idea can work in the exact opposite direction; namely that the ease for Saturn here is derived from having Libran companionship and support, that the beauty which is created and supported becomes possible only through undying devotion of a Libran Venus lover to her Saturn partner.

It is true that Saturn is fortunate in this placement. The inheritance is to be born with solid parental relationships and forefathers who were civilised and cultivated. Through these partnerships which came before Saturn has learnt to become expert in relating and in diplomacy. The truth is that Venus forces Saturn here into remembering people´s names, into remembering their likes and dislikes, so that over time, this Saturn learns how to serve others and to please others while serving himself.

Saturn´s nature is tireless. Saturn is constructive. Venus likes things that are beautiful and serve to make life happier for people. So in Libra Saturn is given tools that Venus approves of; sometimes these are artistic tools; instruments, paint, colour, and the product of which raises humanity out of filth and into civilisation, because these things are all designed to please others. But Saturn also has a great affinity with defenses, with building things in order to defend his tradition, family and culture. Saturn in this respect will erect buildings that are beautiful, that encourage others to feel both admiration and respect.

Saturn in Libra in some senses does not need to worry about defense that much. For in building palaces, gardens and planting trees, his ability to invite rivals, to entertain and to treat them is an easy path to gaining alliances, and to maintain peace. And in this peace Saturn is truly safe from any and all manner of dangers, he is able to live life without fear and to enjoy his many years with Venus always at his side.


Some people with Libra Saturn: Tony Blair, Jose Maria Aznar, Vladimir Poutine, Max Heindel, Henry Ford, Mao Tse Toung, George H W Bush, Gordon Brown, David Icke, Benazir Bhutto, Fransico Franco, Nikita Krouchtchev, Jane Austen, William Joseph Turner, Richard III, William Butler Yeats, Lil Wayne

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17 07 2009
Taylor Kennedy

I have Sun in Libra, Ascendant in Cancer, Moon in Gemini and Saturn in Scorpio.

I was wondering if the upcoming Saturn into Libra on Oct 2009 will affect me as well since Saturn is exalted in Libra. Could you explain what could happen to me at that time?

17 07 2009

Well to begin with you ought to look at the house that Saturn is currently transiting, that´s primary. Say Saturn is transiting your 7th house, then it would be very significant for relationships. If Saturn is transiting your 4th house then the focus is on your relations with your parents, your home, and possibly any foundations in your life.

10 08 2009

Well. I am thinking a lot about Saturn comming in to Libra. I have my second saturn-return at 24 deg Virgo, conjunktion both Mercury/South Node/Venus and IC at 0 degre Aries. My sun is in 5 deegre Libra, but the sun are sextile to both Leo rising and Mars at 2 Sag. I am waiting, hoping everything will turn out just fine.?

10 08 2009

Your comment is confusing. Please post your chart up. You should know that there is a New Moon at 25 Virgo with Saturn there and Uranus in opposition. If you can do a Saturn return chart also I can tell you for sure what will happen. In either case a Saturn return at 25 Virgo has the unstable opposition from Pisces. All structures in your life will be challenged and / or broken according to the principles of the revolutionary planet and dependant on the houses and particular aspects of your exact Saturn return chart.

9 08 2011

Why is that confusing? I know alot about astrology, and know I am in the middle of Saturn cycle with my sign Libra?
Are you a real Astrolger? What do you know, really? (exuse mee), you should know that i told you that i have a stellium in Virgo Mercury/Venus and Saturn betweem 18.24 deegre In Virgo and then the sun in the fouth house Libra, and. before Saturn was moving on into Libra, where I have my Sun at 5 degree Libra?
Now I have experinces that.My yongest son (know 21, also a Libra with sun at 3 degree in Libra born 1989, and it has been HELL, beacuse he already has a black memory of murder of a young newbourh girl when he was soo full of courage to tell the police what he knows! He has bee a great and honest guy…still .on his mind/a divorse betweenn his parents both Libras,. a father that doest care at all. and the drogs?! And for the last 3 years I HAVE been the only one who has supprted him? His Libra farher also a Libra is a sociopath and dont bother att all.cant wrihte to mutch here, but your last answer was kind of confusing, thanks God that Saturn is going into Skorpio after 2012

10 08 2009

I am sorry. I do not have a saturnreturn chart:-) BUT I have been studying astrology for 31 one years, and no all about progressions/directions/transits
also midpoints, but my astroprogram is not have this, its only have these above
and solarreturns/lunarreturns.Well I. am sorry if you are confused:-) I hope my spelling is corect..beacuse I am from Sweden:-)
I havent look for this new moon yet..when is this comming? In September?
I should have a look…my “bibel” is a ephemerides in a intentaional edition beetwen 1900-2050:-)
Thank you for answering:-) By they way. I know that Uranus is opposition my venus/saturn in Virgo.

10 08 2009

More, beacuse I am born in the North I have a small 1 quadrant between Leo rising and my fourh house point at Libra 0-1 deegre (as my MC is the same in Aries..It was my absolute worst time in my life.

And here we are again:-) I use the Placidus housesystem and in second hand the oldest of them all Alcabitus
Thanks from Karin. Birgitta is my second birth name:-)
I have now (the last time was 29 years, a Saturns return again.
Thanks from Karin. Birgitta is my second birth name:-)

10 08 2009

YES i found it at the 18-19 of september:-)

10 08 2009

Well I cant post my here it is
born 28 september 1950. 11.35 PM in Mora. Sweden:-) at 61.02 North and 14.36 East:-) And I feel my life is changing a lot now…

21 08 2009

To be honest, I think a lot of Librans have been having a very tough few years, especially financially and we are all concerned about the arrival of Saturn in our sign. Can he really make life even harder than it has been for us?
Regards Tara

21 08 2009

If you are an early Libran 0-5 degrees the next couple of years will be intense. It could give great opportunities and disasters all the same. Saturn is in a T-Square in these degrees.

For Libra in general it is comparable to a Leo on his birthday. Saturn loves Libra and will do good things while in Libra.

8 10 2009

Thank Goodness! I’m a Libra who hasn’t had it good for the majority of her life. That’s all I can say about that…

Honestly, any form of stability (in addition to my recent wonderful marriage) will be good for me…

18 09 2009

My Sun is in leo, moon: in gemini, rising: virgo, mercury: virgo, mars: aquarius. venus: leo, saturn: gemini. How will saturn in Libra affect my love life? Please e-mail with your reponse. Thank you :)

18 09 2009

I have sun in Leo, Rising: Virgo, Mercury: Virgo, Mars: Aqaurius, Venus: Leo, Saturn: Gemini, Neptune: Sag, Uranus: Libra, Pluto: Virso. How will saturn in Libra affect my love life? Thank you, :)

18 09 2009

My husband & I have both have Uranus & Pluto in Libra in our birth charts. He also has Moon in Libra. How will the Saturn transit in Libra affect us?

20 09 2009
S Murthy

What happens if Saturn is exalted, retrograde and placed in 4th house with Moon? I am a libran.

21 09 2009

It is probably a good thing. Any exalted planet will give benefits for the houses under its rulership.

22 09 2009

What, if any, advice would you have for one who is a sun sign libra AND has his saturn return (in libra) approaching next month. Admittedly, I’m a skosh apprehensive about what sounds like has the makings to be double whammy.

born 10.11.1981 12:35am local time PST (Seattle, wa).

I’ve seen advice for libra’s entering this period, and advice for saturn returners entering this period, but nothing for lil ole me whom is doing both.

Thank you for any advice. . . .

Be well.

2 11 2009

i ‘ve been looking around for the same info. born10/09/81…can’t find anything it makes me nervous though.

3 08 2011

Hey my name is Candice and I was born 10/9/81 as well! Weird huh? Going through my Saturn return right now

2 10 2009

what are some favorable dates for Libra (born Oct 22, 1943) in the next month or two to overcome a big obstacle. Would the entering of Saturn into Libra sign help???

2 10 2009

You should remember that Saturn is squared by Pluto from the 1st degree to the fifth where Saturn slows down and goes retrograde.

6 10 2009

I was born with the sun in cancer, moon in mercury, ascendant in Sagittarius and saturn in cancer (in the eighth house).
I was wondering how Saturn in Libra will my two next years., can you help?

8 10 2009

How will Saturn in Libra (my 2nd house) effect my natal Saturn in Pisces at 29 degrees in my 7th house. In a composite chart with my ex (my sons father) I notice we have Saturn and Mars in the 2nd house (it’s been a difficult two years and I’m hoping for improvement). Thank you!

14 10 2009

Hello all. I am super excited, but also honestly anxiouse about the upcoming Saturn Returns in Libra at the end of this month. You see, the last year has been absolutely dreadful, but this month optimism is making it’s bright comeback. I’m hopping it’s signs that my Saturn Returns is going to be fab. I donor have a chart done, but I’m hopping someone will be able to assist me, please. I was born October 10th, 1981 @ 7:00 am, in Sidon Lebanon. Sidon being a city in the country of Lebanon. I’m curiouse as to how this Saturn Returns in Libra is going to affect me. I’m truly interested in learning more about astrology and this transit, and I’m eager and hopeful I may receive some beneficial information. I would, whole-hearted, appreciate any information anyone can give me. I would like to be as prepaired as I can be. Thank you… Good Luck and Best Wishes to any of you experiencing (or about to) this life changing transit. Happy growing :o)

15 10 2009

Hello, again. Thank for responding. I appreciate the time you are considering to take with me. I would be happy to send a photo, and give you some background; Please let me know where to send. Ended up getting a chart done today. I will also be able send this to you as well.

Not sure what event details you are looking for.

Ttyl :o)

thanks again

17 10 2009

How do you know which house Saturn is transiting ? I have Sun in Virgo , Moon in Taurus , and a Pisces Ascendant. I have Saturn in Aquarius too.

19 10 2009

My Saturn Return is approaching! You may be receiving an email from me with all that info shortly…

24 10 2009

I m a Piscean with cancer ascendant and scorpio in moon. In my chart saturn is in libra and in my fourth house. saturn square ascendant and jupiter (in libra) conjunct saturn. How will the saturn in libra phrase will affect my life? I just finished the saturn in virgo cycle:(

28 10 2009

I’m Libra (Oct. 07) with ascendant in Leo-Virgo, the past 5 years hasn’t been great, now, with Saturn in Libra, should I be worry…more? my Saturn is at my 5th house in Capricorn…Thank you very much!

31 10 2009

Hi, I like your site. Re: Saturn in Libra. I am a Libra with Taurus asc and 2(!) sixth houses, one in Virgo (and boy have learned about service over the last couple of years!), but now Saturn moves into my second 6th house – Libra. I am currently looking to change jobs from one of dealing with the minutae (Saturn tr. Virgo) to something more hmmmm…relaxing. (also, more pleasant working conditions/environment and less pedantic folk! Any ideas?

31 10 2009

why is my email address still showing on your website after I sent my comments!

31 10 2009

I am a Libra with cancer ascendant.My moon is in my 5th house in scorpio. My sun( in 4h) is in conjunction with saturn(4h) and jupiter (5h) in libra. What should I expect from transiting saturn in libra?

9 11 2009

I am a libra cusp, 10/21 with Saturn transiting my 8th house, and it will be conjunct with many of my natal 8th house planets. What do you think this will mean for me?

31 12 2009

My sun is in taurus, in the 10th house, leo assendent, moon in libra, saturn in libra, jupiter and venus in taurus, mercury in aries, neptune in libra, uranus in cancer, pluto in leo . What will my financial life be in 2010 it has been very bad for the last 3 years any relief in sight?

15 02 2010

I am a first house Libra (Sun conj Uranus to exact orb) born in 1968. My birth Saturn was in Aries, seventh house, so this upcoming Libra Saturn puts Saturn squarely in my first house. Jupiter is twelfth house on the cusp edge of the first. I have a feeling this year’s Saturn/Libra is going to be good – almost the opposite of a Saturn Return – and that everything I’ve literally suffered and worked so hard for since childhood is finally about to crash in like a windfall. It’s been a miserable, grindingly difficult life filled with disasters at every turn – but every instinct in me says 2010 will be different and that this is going to be a fantastic year. Will it?

16 04 2010

Sun=29 Libra, Saturn=0 Scorpio, Venus=5 Libra, Neptune=23 Libra, ALL in 6th house. Age 57. Interested to hear your thoughts? Thanks!

27 04 2010
Your Saturn Return Sanctuary - Guide & Community | Astrology Thoughts

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3 06 2010

If sun sign is saggitarius, moon sign is libra , ascendent is capricon, how good is this during saturn in libra?

thanks & best regards

7 06 2010

This is quite important: Where is Saturn? What aspects does Moon make? and also what aspects is Saturn making in the chart? Which house is natal Saturn and where is transiting Saturn?

Saturn in Libra is the exaltation of saturn. All people who are “Saturnian” serious, hardworking, stoic types, ought to be lifted by this transit.

30 06 2010

I am a Libra born on 28th sep, lately since last yr (dec) onwards , i m facing problems , my relation of 2 yrs broke with a wonderful person . My work is getting hampered, people are despising me , i have lost all my charm and charisma that i was related to. Is this all due to the presence of Saturn in Libra ? Am i getting punished for any wrong deeds of mine ? Will these 2 yrs be very painful and agonizing for me ?

1 07 2010
Night Sky

Some people believe that punishment for misdeeds comes in this life rather than the next. I am inclined to think that there is something to this. 12th house matters may be explained by this. I think being moral is good, and is a reward in itself.

1 07 2010

Can u kindly help me out with any kind of valuable suggestion to walk through this difficult situation as life is becoming increasingly difficult for me cause my work and career getting badly hampered !

22 07 2010

I am a virgo with mars placed in 1st house (ascendant) in virgo; mercury, venus and south node in 3rd house in scorpio; sun and moon in 4th house in sagittarius; saturn in 6th house in aquarius; jupiter in 8th house in aries; north node in 9th house taurus. how will the saturn transit in libra will effect my career. will it cause any raise or change.

25 07 2010

Further, i am running venus antardasha (minor period) under mars mahadasha (major period) currently. Can anyone suggest about my career growth prospect.

28 07 2010
Night Sky

Well, you need to state where you have Libra in your chart, and what aspects does Saturn by transit make. It is my opinion that Saturn will do good things in Libra. Despite, or even in agreement with the current t-square. It may be very transformational and amazing.

30 07 2010

Libra is my 2nd house with neptune in it. uranus and pluto are in in 12th house, i.e. in leo in my natal chart.

29 07 2010
Badri Prasad

Sir My date of Birth is 13-05-1955 Kindly send my life Predictions regarding Job Health death and other details

29 07 2010
Badri Prasad

Satrun in Libra in this births denotes what I was in my previous Birth Kindly clarify

29 07 2010
Badri Prasad

Sun in Taurus and Satrun in Libra in the Natal Chart- both are exalted position and kindly confirm what shall be the result

10 08 2010

natal 7th house venus in libra. what does this mean for me for the new saturn in libra tranist?

25 08 2010

I have Sun, moon and rahu in capricorn, Ascendant in virgo, Saturn in libra, mercury in sagittarius, mars and venus in aquarius, jupiter in aries and ketu in cancer.

i am having saturn dasha from oct 2009. i will be retiring in jan 2013. how will saturn who is exalted in libra treat me for the next 19 years? Could you predict the next 3-5 years?

kindly Reply

1 09 2010

How do you determine which house you are in? I was born Oct 14, 1968.

1 09 2010

Also, I think I determined my rising and moon signs:

Rising is Aquaris
Moon s Cancer at 23 degrees and 29 degrees
Not sure what this means…help

29 09 2010
Kishan Vasekar

In my horoscope, Saturn is exalted in Libra with Mars and Moon there.I am 57

year old and undergoing now 7 1/2 years of Saturn transit.My ascendent is

Cancer with Ketu there.Can I expect Excellent Change in Job, Location & as I am

deeply spiritual with some Divine Interventions , will I see GOD ? Thanks

30 09 2010
lost soul

hi ..i am a lost me ..anyone

6 10 2010
Night Sky

There are no lost souls my friend. All souls have a purpose and a life. We just have to find the reason. And we have to be strong in the face of adversity. Resistance breeds strength.

3 10 2010

well im number 8…and a libran too ..i wanted to know about the saturns transit through libra this time ..i just had a break up actually was bad other problems as such …but what should i do to minimize any problems if they are to come or rather to make this period better for me?

3 10 2010

my birthdate is 17 10 1988

7 10 2010

hi, i have a cancer ascendent and retrograde exalted saturn in forth house and retrograde mar in forth house, can anyone please tell its effect on married life ??

10 02 2011
looking for answer

How does Saturn in Libra & Uranus in Aries 2011 affect Natal Uranus in Libra?

27 02 2011

I am in the midst of my second saturn return…it is presently transiting by 10th house…I thought it might upset my job situation, but, recently received two raises…am I correct in assuming saturn in libra is exalted in the the 10th…also my natal saturn. Will the rest of the transit affecting my job continue on good terms? or will they make it seem like the lull before the storm? I presently have 27 years in a large corporation? Also, I have a boyfriend who like me is in an unhappy marriage…our both spouses are quite sick…his saturn is transiting 7th house soon to go to the eight…does this mean “our relationship” will be delayed further due to the illness and possible demise of his wife? or the delay strictly of our relationship… my husband is at the end of life…I’m not sure his wife is “that” bad yet…although she does have health issues…I am truly a novice and have more to learn…can anyone help?

30 05 2011

what does this mean?

Sun trines Saturn in Libra

31 05 2011

I have a Libra ascendant , my Saturn is placed in Libra ,so is my Pluto.How does this affect me? By the way, I am almost 29 ,my Saturn makes his second coming ,right?

27 06 2011

hi please help me out .. A very close persn whom i knw since 5 years is actng strangely . Am afraid i might loose tht persn. I have saturn squaring my ascendent. I have sun in libra moon in gemini ascendent in capricorn

27 06 2011

my sun is in libra(house 9) moon in gemini (house 5) saturn is in sagitarius (house 11) and ascendent in capricorn . I have saturn squaring my ascendent frm begining of jan until begining of october.. A very close persn is actng real strange frm mid of april and am gng through hell lot of pain .. Is this due to so caled ” saturn squaring ascendent “.. Night sky could u please let me knw how this influence can be minimised. Am realy afraid i might lose this persn .. When this saturn squaring my ascendent influence passes away can i get back the persn the way they use to be . Please help me out :((. Eagerly waiting for ur reply night sky :((

28 06 2011
Night Sky

It looks unlikely. The more you cling, the more the person will want to leave you. Let things be and don’t cling. What degree of Capricorn rising are you then?

28 06 2011

dear night sky there must be some way out there to minimise this influence ryt. Please do help me please . I dono thers no 1 in this world whom i can share my problem with .. I realy need ur help please help me .my capricorn rising to 17 degres 45’59

28 06 2011

this influence seems to pass away from begining of october . What aftr that can i get back the person the way they use to be ?

28 06 2011

m sorry for the typing eror my ascendent capricorn rising is 17 degree 47’59

28 06 2011

waiting for a hopeful reply from u night sky .please do reply me thanks in advance

30 06 2011
Night Sky

Go to the “free reading” page and follow instructions.

7 07 2011

I am Leo ascendant. Libra being the house, Mars and Sun are placed here. In the fifth house saturn is posited. Moon is in aquarius, venus and rahu in virgo, and jupiter and muecury in scorpio. what will be the effect of transit of saturn in libra according to my horoscope.

9 07 2011
Badri Prasad

I am Badri Prasad While other questions are answrerd I still di not have reply for my question. My natal Satrun is in Libra , Sun in Aries Mars & Merqury in Taurus Jupiter is Cancer. Rahu in Sagatarious Ketu in Gemini
Kindly let me know how this transit hels/affects my career growth????
Kindly reply

18 07 2011

I am an Aries ascendent, Rahu Dasha is going on.. Ketu anterdasha will end in Dec 2011. Jupiter is in cancer, Sun/Saturn/Mercury is in Leo, Rahu is in Virgo, Venus/Mars is in Libra, Moon is in Sagitarius, Ketu is in Pices. Having issues in the marrige. Please suggest how Saturn transit is in Libra will react for me. Please suggest.

22 07 2011
Through your looking glass - and what Alicia found there

Hi there. I was born in London on 15th October 1982 a 06:40. I have Sun in Libra at 24 degrees, ascendant in Libra, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Libra, Saturn in Libra and Pluto too. I was wondering if you could give some insight of what to expect in during saturn’s visit in Libra. My life has been very rocky since April 2009 and I’m currently experiencing some upheaval once again.

8 04 2014

pl.suggest me for my chart. asc.cancer, libra- moon, sat (R), sag-rahu, capri-venus, Aqur-sun, mer. Aries- marsh, Gemini-ketu,Jupiter(R), BOrnedon 14.30 in1955 at jaipur(india).

8 04 2015

I am cancer ascendant ,libra saturn retrograde with Ketu aspeced by aries mars and rahu ,will that affect my marriage life.venus in pisces retrograde.

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