Realisations from the t-square

14 07 2010

The home of God is among mortals

This last Uranus Saturn opposition is rather special. Not only will Saturn be exalted bringing with it high quality wisdom, but Jupiter is there too in triplicity and terms, dignified.

Uranus rules what is already beyond human life. Saturn planet of the Earth has possession of the Earth and all within it. The lessons which the opposition bring this time are that if we were all to wear sack-cloth and ash we would realise that in fact there is no real control that we have over life or earth, no more than we have over our own mortality.

I do not renounce the world, and I do not reject it. I do not refuse to work or to desire or love. I do however realise the temporary nature of the temporal world makes a mockery of my desire for it, or my desire to possess it.

What is there that is permanent? The mind of man and his soul which is the imprint of that mind is more or less permanent throughout life. The man may choose to obsess and worry over all of life’s illusion. He may choose to be attached to his ideas of glory. But all such attachments are double-edged, especially the ones which you think about and long for, or the ones which occupy your waking thoughts.

Libran Saturn this time says to me to find a balance: The message is to live in the world and to love others. 180 degrees from this though, comes the message that what you consider yourself, is not really anything.

In a practical sense this philosophy is concrete. It works, but it can only work if one is detached from life. It will only work if one can humble one’s thoughts and existence. The concerns about the self, thoughts about what a man is in life, his position, his power, his work.

For the wisdom that comes from the Stars already tells us all that certain things are already destined in life. If things are already destined, this is the decree which is sent down from the heavens. Obviously the man that wants great things and is destined not to achieve them will be disappointed, and in his strife and desire he may only cause himself misery. The man who considers himself lucky to have even just the basic things, food clothes, work, he is blessed.

The Balance

In essence part of destiny is that it is unseen, and it is also unimaginable to the man. The “modern” planets have taught, that life can develop and change to the factor of ten thousand under, for instance the influence of Pluto. And it appears that what the man thought he never possessed, talents which he never dreamed of are simply given to him from heaven in the space of one short strange year in an otherwise repetitive, uneventful life.

Because life sends down those lightning bolts, and because they are certain to come, then it calls into question the man’s assessment of his own life and situation. The hopelessness that people can have in life comes from not being able to get beyond Saturn, and indeed all planets beyond Saturn are pretty much in darkness. It’s not possible to see.

If destiny is unseen, and unknown, but is certain where does that leave man? A position of pure faith is one choice which he has. In faith man has strength, in faith a man will not have furrows in his brow, he will not twist his neck with stress and strain, but importantly he will not be fooled into falling for things which were not for him in the first place.

The virtue comes from waiting for things to come. Or not even going around thinking or worrying about them in the first place. There is a balance to be found, this balance comes from a faith that all things are right when they are received in their right time. Shakespeare saw that brothers killing their brothers for kingdoms only brought disaster to them and turned them into rotten apples because that destiny had not be given to them, but was taken by them.

The teaching which goes along the lines of giving up all possessions may seem like a form of insanity. No-one gives up everything that they own, but if we take note of the stars and of destiny, a man may well give up everything if he knows that the heavens will always bring him back to equilibrium. The balance is between what is desired in life, and the understanding that things in life are potentially filled with great illusion. Man must strive to desire only what is destined, only what is right or appropriate.

In Practice

The man must not look into the future with expectation. Expectation creates unreal ideas of what life really is, of what it is for. He must expect nothing, he must look inside, perceive that he is nothing, nothing but a creature, a mammal with death as a certain outcome, no matter what achievements he attains. To be humble is a great thing.

Indeed, when man does not take anything, it appears that he is miraculously given what was meant for him anyway. When a man takes what is not his, it invariably will spoil. It is strange how the balance of the universe always will win. And indeed it is those outer planets which bring about this equilibrium without our own knowledge, explained only in the fact that they are invisible to the naked eye. Those planets are not seen, but they are there.

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