Mars Scorpio

Mars possesses Rulership, triplicity by day and night, terms in the first 6 degrees, and face in the first 10 degrees, making it the strongest place for Mars in the entire Tropical Zodiac. Having no triplicity in Aries, Scorpio Mars can be said to be most dignified in Scorpio under its night time rulership.

The Nature and reputation of Mars in Scorpio is powerful and myths and legends have been borne out of this placement. There is no doubt that when Mars is found in his own domain his ability to win and fight is second to none. Having said this, Scorpio is Mars´s night time rulership which means that by preference this Mars fights by night, when the darkness and cold gives him the advantage.

Part of the advantage of Mars in Scorpio is the ray of Scorpio contains elements of Pluto traditional lord of the dead and the underworld. In this sense Mars is given a psychological advantage which is not necessarily physical strength, but an advantage of knowing exactly how to defeat and win against their enemies through, primarily fear. But this fear is not bluff, the fear that precedes this Mars is due to Mars´s incisive and brutal actions. Of course in Scorpio Mars is a dealer of death, however, this is its dignity and therefore the death that is dealt and given by this Mars is just and destined. Mars here in a sense serves up a karmic judgement that has been previously decided in Libra.

It is often necessary for Nature to kill and destroy in order to regenerate and renew itself. Scorpio Mars is given this task and is best at it. Often the energy of Scorpio is hidden, is dormant and appears to be soft, and nonthreatening, this is one of its advantages. In fact even the public image of Mars in Scorpio can be deceiving, because Scorpio is a sign which generally shuns the spotlight and shuns any artificiality. The result is that Mars in Scorpio is able to fight his battles in total privacy, sometimes without his enemy even being aware of anything until the final minute, due again to the night time rulership. But this is not to say that Mars is either underhand, scheming, or in any kind of dishonest or morally wrong place in his actions. Because of his dignity it is his duty to carry out such activities, to kill if necessary, to finish and to destroy that which is weak and has not purpose.

Death is necessary and the bottom line in any war situation. Mars in Scorpio is aware of this. Mars in Scorpio would rather live, because he is attached to life and is born with survival instinct. Mars at war here is at war in the dark, he is also at war in difficult terrain, which is both cold and wet, possibly even at sea, but more likely taking full use of the desert´s lack of water in order to let his enemies die of thirst while he fills up in little oasis of which only he knows the location. Of course Scorpio Mars´s toughness is often brought about through testing, Scorpio has a way of putting pressure on Mars here so that he is given difficult and sometimes catastrophic times of testing where it appears that he is totally wiped out. However this is part of the psychology of the sign in which Mars is well placed to be “reborn” and renewed with full veteran experience and that advantage once again of having been through disaster which his enemies have not.

Examples of Mars in Scorpio: Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, George Washington, JRR Tolkien

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24 06 2009

Wow, I just stumbled upon your site. I have been all over the astrological corners of the internet, but your site is truly amazing!

2 07 2009

Beautiful… I have Mars in Scorpio and I can relate to what you’ve written here. Congratulations. :)

About Stalin… He – like me – is born on 21 December. Sometimes I get dictatorial, but I know when to stop, unlike him.

7 08 2009

My gf has Mars in Scorpio and when we get into an argument, everybody else runs for cover! lol But how does this differ from Mars in Aries? I have my natal Mars in Aries and I feel like most of these traits apply to me as well.

17 10 2009

The reason why you feel this applies to you is because Mars is also the ruler of Aries. However Aries is the infant in the zodiac and probably not as powerful in control because of this.
However there has always been a debate about who is the most sexual of the two, Aries or Scorpio?
And since Ive had both, lol I’d have to say both equally.

16 05 2010

I have mars in scorpio,when I found out that I have MiS,then it all made sense to me,why I like hard and dark electronical music and why I am driven to dark arts and stuff,the darker the better,I have mars conj. with pluto,both in scorpio,so it is more intense even.

Thank You for this article.


1 07 2010
Excellent !!!

Excellent article,
also wanted to mention some very representative members of MiS:
Mel Gibsson
Patric Swize
Bruce Lee
Steven Seagal
Ghandi (a worrior as well !!)
Geniffer Aniston
Jud Law
My Self :)

27 08 2010

funny, I also have mars in scorpio, & I have been through alot. or fighting through alot! Im a virgo, with scorpio rising. I also have scorpio, in uranus.

crazy, I always have had animal instincts! I hardly ever fight because im concerned about the victim. most people don’t understand what there up against. it’s not like fighting a person whos thinking, fight let of some stemm, your fighting a person whos thinking to kill you! & already knows your weaknesses. and has the strength to do it! :). mars in scorpio, is unholly.

6 12 2013

Yeah but I know someone with Mars in Scorpio and I can beat him. His Mars is in Conjunction with his Sun too so it’s not a weak placed Mars. Yeah I can beat hm. Last time, I took him down and choked him. I forced him to surrender. He had no air coming into his lungs, no blood flowing to his brain, and nowhere to go. Easy and not even a struggle-he had nothing. He was trained in Martial arts too and he was bigger than me. I dunno, my mars is in Taurus, a so called weak placement. The toughest fight I’ve had was against a guy with Mars in Gemini. My boxing coach had Mars in Gemini too. Goddamn he hits hard. Getting hit by him is like getting hit by a baseball flying at you 100mph.

27 04 2016

Actually, Mars conjunct the Sun would weaken it, not strengthen it. The Sun would soak up some of the Mars vibe and he would have an overtly Martian feeling about him, but the overall strength of his Mars would be diminished. This is called being ‘under the sun’s beams’, and in traditional astrology it strengthens the sun, and weakens the planet.

A true Mars in Scorpio would have you on the ground soon enough, but not through outright force but because they would have already discerned your weaknesses, and like a hawk, would watch and wait until you exposed yourself.

6 10 2010
eagle eye

good work, somehow this stuff resonates with time to work

14 11 2010
Anne Athena

Thank you very much for a great website, whit insightful and very interesting astrological reading!:)

I red your “Mars Scorpio” and “Saturn Scorpio” , and I wonder…
What can you tell me about my Mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio in the 7th…?? :S
If you would be so kind? I would be very interested to hear?

/Love/Light Anne Athena

24 11 2010
Van Depaolo

You know.. This entire article resonates deeply with me.. I’ve known for some time that my mars is in scorpio. After reading some comments I felt like I have something to add. I don’t find this placement to be necessarily physically aggressive.. It’s just this unyielding store of mental energy that has ALWAYS put me out on top. I first began to notice this power when i was in school and now professionally..I feel like the ability of this placement to dominate anything it’s energy is focused on is irrefutable! Sometimes in situations, I literally feel as though if I don’t choose to loose then victory is inevitable! Funny thing is, I’m never thinking to myself “how can I crush the competition” I just work immensely hard and in a way others don’t seem to be able to..with unrelenting force of will…
Can anyone relate?

16 06 2011

yes and no, i’m not mars in scorpio, im scorpio ascendant-aries sun. the truth is, many of us choose to lose. we really actually make that decision, we just dont catch ourselves making it. and yes, victory burns me out. it always gets boring when you have this amazing streak. so i tend to just let others win most of the time when it comes to things i really dont care about winning in. i rarely put my heart and soul into things and i have a feeling that most dont either and even in martial arts, i find myself sleeping on the fight(i can get away with it most of the time). i dont think my laziness is fully atributed to mars in taurus. i think it also has something to do with the age of my spirit. ive kinda done everything i needed to do in past lives, so i really have nothing left to prove to others and myself. not saying you are a young soul but it just seems younger souls are more succesful in life and tend to run the world. i’ve seen some mars in scorpios end up in tough places in life too, so i dont think its a mars thing. us older souls, we owe our military might and productivity to young souls, but otherwise we are just here to teach you.

27 01 2011

yes van I can relate, i’m in the same position, I am a cancer with aries rising and mars in scorpio. Behold ! i am a nice girl 80% of the time, your typical cancer. but try to piss me off, and all hell breaks loose ! plus, the intensity of my willpower scares people, it;s funny to me. anyway, I play to win :-) always ! me too I am sorry for my poor victim…hey. that’s life ! the great thing about mars in scorpio is that we never ever give up, and life works out for us ! i love this placement

7 03 2011

funny guys
my sister has mars in scorpio
she is the eldest one she has extremly raunchy humour and she inhibits my creative energy
cuz she wants to be at top all the damn time

14 04 2011

I’m Capricorn Sun, Gemini/Sagittarius Rising, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Venus, Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Jupiter, Aquarius North Node, Virgo Lilith, Virgo/Pisces Midheaven. I stumbled on your website and it stirred up some deep feelings in me regarding survival. I’ve been through hell, yet has survived it all. You are so right about the Mars in Scorpio placement. It seems to reflect the same characteristics and attributes of divine power and survival skills for everyone regardless of their Sun sign.

Thank you for your insightful and interesting information. I’m proud to be Mars in Scorpio, not to mention the power it has in sexuality!

28 04 2011

I don’t think mars in scorpio is all it’s jacked up to be. It’s no more powerful than any other mars sign. it only changes how its expressed. mars in scorpio actually carries a certain humbleness to it from what i’ve noticed. they like to hide their strength. they keep a lot of things hidden. thats part of their strategy. my father has mars in scorpio plus basically almost every other planet in scorpio conjunct including the sun. hes a very humble, gentle soul but he can fight. as a matter of fact, he is the one who taught me how to fight. he once taught me how to sneak up behind someone, grab the inner openings of the mouth on both sides and rip their face apart. pretty brutal. ive since then passed down his teachings and my number one student is a mars in scorpio. ive taught many but this one wont give up. i respect that about him because most cant handle my teachings.
as for their fighting ability, they are men just like anyone else and can be defeated just like anyone can. i’ve fought many a mars in scorpio before and have beaten them all(even my own dad). this one guy who was a cancer with mars in scorpio pushed a pregnant friend of mine down a flight of stairs(can you believe that?). her baby died and i had never been that pissed in my whole life. i found out who he was and the coward wouldn’t fight me so i found him at a party, got him on the ground, and kept headbutting him, to his nose, all over his face, even after he wasnt moving anymore. his face looked like a collapsed bridge after i was done with him. i dont feel the least bit guilty, he deserved it. if i ran into him, i would probably do it again. and i’m not posting all of this to down mars in scorpio just because of him, like i said, my father has this placement too, but i think too much hype is put into it. all mars signs can be strong, it depends on how far the person is willing to push themselves. does the word 3rd wind ring a bell? if you want my opinion, mars in leo can be a real handful, real piece of fucking work those guys. anyways, thats my take on it.

p.s. in case anyone wants to know
scorpio ascendant with pluto and saturn in scorpio
aries sun
mars in taurus

30 04 2011
Night Sky

Yes, you have a good point, the “strength” or success of a planet has nothing to do with its essential dignity. If Mars is in Scorpio yet under the beams of the Sun, it is weakened. If Mars is retrograde, occidental, slow, or in any cadent house, then it is weaker. With you, I’d say that the Aries Sun, gives you a lot of courage, and ability, since any planet in Aries is combative. It would be interesting to see the accidental dignities and any mutual receptions which might exist.

Take into consideration also that the 1st house shows the “vital body”. The strength of a person’s constitution is signified by the 1st house, and enemies are often signified by planets in the 7th. In your case, having Mars in the 7th in Taurus, or conjunct the Descendent will signify the type of enemy that you have more than it signifies yourself. So those enemies that you defeated and the nastiness of them are in effect signified by an undignified Mars in your chart. “They are you” so to speak. Thanks for your comment anyway. Interesting. It would be good to know the details of each example.

12 06 2011

so you are saying that a sun and mars conjunction makes it weaker, that doesnt make any sense to me. from what i understand, the keys to a strong mars is one that is well supported, a trine, or a tight conjunction. my gf has cancer with mars in cancer also, i can see how this placement has intigrated masculanity to her sweet cancer-libra ascendant disposition. what you are saying about reflection kinda blows my mind though, never thought of it like that.

24 04 2012

hey-wat do you mean undignified mars? mars is in digniity in aries-not neccisarily scorpio-you can say it’s in diginity there-but a matter of opinion from astrologer to astrologer… i do know some of the strongest ufc fighters… brock lesnar, matt hughs to say a few-have mars in taurus. my enemies have always been very strong and but when my wrath comes-not very often-but when it does-everyone knows I am psychotic and backs off. Anyways, I am more interested in this Saturn transiting natal pluto-maybe you could tell me something about that.

5 06 2012

I would say Mars in Taurus is a pretty good mars-depending on how it is placed. The energy is unyielding, very practical and grounded. Not biting, but does not yield and can outlast. That is always MY strategy. If I cannot win so easily-then I will wear my opponent down with time. Once I get the right rhythem, I can keep going and going, even when my mind and body are screaming at me to quit. I can keep going and can endure more than any others. That’s the most important thing. How much you can take. A lot of powerful people have mars in Taurus in a simple, practical, no nonsense kinda way. The energy of Mars in Scorpio can get you when you don’t expect it-when you are vulnerable. The thinking is always very strategic-it’s important to remember that before getting confused about what you should do.

4 05 2011

I loved reading this. It was educational and thank you.

I am a Scorpio AC with Jupiter conjunct the AC. I have Mars in Scorpio. I am not violent, nor aggressive. In fact, I’m soft-spoken and would be unassuming too were it not for something about me which makes people afraid or uncomfortable with me. I’m quite honest, and straight forward, and Mars is well aspected as it trines my Moon in Cancer and sextiles my Sun in Virgo.

With all that said, I’m quite dangerous because I can ‘destroy’ a person with the weapons I have against them, but I never do. I can though. I try to turn the other cheek and to forgive because what I’m capable of can render people lives over as they know it.

This placement, I think, gives the native the weapons to be dangerous people, but it is up to the native to use said weapons. For me I’ve adopted a “They know not what they do” attitude because with the weapons, I also get instant karma.

1 05 2012

your mars in the 12th house???

7 05 2011
Sahen S.M.

thats very true , Tim & Night sky . i would like to tell you some very imortant things . mars scorpio is just never ending focus on a specific MARS ( strng person /male) until fight is won , it takes evrything very personal before & behind the person. here fight is not like” on the face ” but an emotional war of power and aim of surrender from opposition @ any cost . for this they really manipulate like coward but best thing for them is that never ending uni-directional release of energy which would be best if they kill there fear or obsession of being assasin .
i was once surrounded by 12 guys 8 watching & 3 behind standing & one provoking in front wid the help of three back ups , this was mind game of front one with mars in scorpio … i hit him on face so hard he was thrown away & the back three were also stunned by my no-fear counter assault. all asked for compromise finally .
so its true its somewhere a hype except the emotional rage focus .

I am Sun ,moon , mercury , venus , pluto in scorpio with jupiter in aries opposition mars having jupiter conjunct ASC node in ninth house .
i am leo ascendant with lilith in first house & in anger i am beast as wolf or tiger lol
& alwz luv to fight alone wid many :-) .

12 06 2011

really??? they call me flamez cuz i spit hot fire!

5 12 2013

Looks like you figured hit the first guy really hard, unexpectedly and they will all realize you are here to fight-most people aren’t fighters like that-but still like to cause trouble-especially in numbers. They saw you as a victim. It could have went the other way though, they might have been the wrong people to even look at the wrong way. You got off lucky in that brave encounter. Jupiter in Aries. Then again, if it did turn out that way, one guy is hurt, then you still have your legs-run!

7 05 2011

I have a mars in Scorpio and can identify with a lot of its characteristics. I feel like with I suppress my Mars in Scorpio side (maybe b/c of mu Libra in Saturn, Taurus Rising or my Moon in Gemini, which tends to take things lightly). Idk, its strange, its like there’s someone else living in me and he seems to appear in strong, unplanned outburst. This may sound crazy, but when I’m alone he seems stronger (in my head). In essence, I feel like Mars in Scorpio is a complicated position with emotions that can break any flood gate! I try to stay calm, walk away and leave it to God deal with, but sometimes I just snap and the me who tries so hard to play nice is turned into a raging bull. I hate violence and even have a very polite persona in public, but my Mars in Scorpio (I also have a mars in Jupiter and as my Descendant) makes what goes on inside of me intense, secretive, attracted to mysteries, the occult and taboos, very sexual, vengeful and somewhat cold. I guess being a Leo (Sun and Venus) with such strong Scorpion influences, I have a light and dark personality. My mother always said I have a split personality. Anywho, I love this site and there should be a Mars in Scorpio support group, even though I think we’d all end up in an orgy or a brawl…lol. My one question is, I understand that Mars in Scorpio creates a hidden persona, but is this persona more extroverted when one has more fire in their astrological birth chart?

16 06 2011

if you are attracted to taboos(i’m not sure what kind, but maybe any will do) why are you a christian? now you know deep down inside you are raw and untamed. it seems to me, this lifestyle goes against who you really are inside.

7 05 2011

I meant to say my Jupiter is also in Scorpio and my decedent as well.

24 05 2011

Hi Tim, it did not come to surprise when you said you are Sun in Aries. Aries people are generally impulsive, quick tempered and easily angered. They tend to act before they think. May I remind you that Scorpio in Mars is all that it is said to be. Scorpio placement in its original ruler Mars is the most powerful placement of all the zodiac. I say this frankly and I am a Capricorn Sun!

Tim you mentioned that Mars in Leo are characters that are a piece of work, I’ve never encountered one. They are said to be ardent. I would actually like to encounter a Capricorn Mars as well as another Scorpio Mars. My Mars in Scorpio is in the 12th House. Yes this placement does like to hide. The 12th House hides everything–this is one spooky, mysterious house and my Jupiter and Venus as well as Mars all in Scorpio are in this house of self un-doing/karma stricken! Mars in Scorpio is in 15 degrees 12th House Avatar aspect OPPOSITION Saturn in Taurus 15 degrees Retrograde in 6th House Avatar aspect. I still do not quite know what this all means, I’m searching though!

The Cancer you fought obviously deserved what he got. If a person wants something bad enough, they will get it! You should go up against a Capricorn Sun in your fighting. I would actually like to see it. I don’t know what it is about fighting, but I love to see two men fighting.

Correction from my earlier post:
SAGITTARIUS RISING 0 degrees barely missing Scorpio by mere seconds, I think this is so cool because having this placement in Sagittarius 1st decanate possesses both Sagittarius and Scorpio aspects in my Rising
GEMINI DESCENDANT I love variety especially in men
SCORPIO MARS 15 degrees 12th House -Avatar-
TAURUS SATURN 15 degrees 6th House -Avatar- Retrograde
SAGITTARIUS NEPTUNE 1 degree 1st House

Having Mars in Scorpio is the most notorious placement of them all, because the native gets to experience passion to its fullest degree, especially if you’re Capricorn with this placement. This can very intimidating to most people who do not understand and is incapable of raising their life condition to this degree of emotion!

This native has full control and autonomy over it’s lovers. Their lovers usually bow down and surrender and cannot get enough of glaring into the native’s hypnotic eyes! They become possessed. We all know about CAPRICORNS now, don’t we? I would not want it any other way.

1 05 2012

why do you like to see 2 men fighting?

10 11 2012

that’s strange. i have mars in taurus and saturn in scorpio. my mars in taurus is at 18degrees. my saturn is 27 degrees of scorpio. my south node is in scorpio as well, my north node is exactly conjunct my mars in taurus. sometimes i wish i had a better mars, like mars in scorpio, or capricorn, or aries, because people tend to take advantage of the fact that i don’t anger easily and like to “dance on the line” if you know what that means. but i’m already an aries with plenty of planets in scorpio. the mars in taurus softens all of that. i usually get along with most people who have scorpio planets or mars in scorpio. a friend of mine at work has mars in scorpio conjunct pluto, and is a capricorn like you. one of the only guys at work i’ve never had any problems with-as a matter of fact, hes extremely nice to me and giving. i just show him respect cuz i know his placements(as i’ve shared with him)-but then again, i think he wants my ass(he’s gay).

12 06 2011

ehh i love capricorns, you guys are easy to get along with, now living with you, i cant quite say the same thing. i havent actually been in too many fights in my life, at least street fights. i usually dont fight unless its for a very very good reason. to me fighting is a brutal reality. war is evil. so when i fight i try to destroy my enemy as bad as possible. hurting them as bad as i can. clashing of bone and sinew. so i do my best to avoid because it’s not good. i came close to fighting a capricorn whom i knew was one once, he was a lot bigger than me so he thought he was gonna bully me, try and intimidate and that didnt go well over with me, but we managed to talk it out.

12 06 2011

one of the major lessons i learned from my pops is fight with your eyes wide open, dont miss a split second, dont let your mind distract you. never lose your focus. make your body a fortress which cannot be infiltrated. wait for the right moment where he shows weakness, raise hell.

20 07 2011

I have mars in pisece with mars trine pluto, pluto in scorpio in 4th house and mars in 8 th house, everyboudy say i’m more very much scorpio but i’m not, i fight but i loss al the time, i always catch the first punch in fights, i broke my check bone in face once, fuck, fight always come to me, i think its true they say mars in pisece stays in unconsciousness, i wish i never had pluto in here, i might die oneday

22 07 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive, God mase you this way friend , so you can ask him to change your mars in pisces into another mars, but you must really believe it , because he also said that to him who believes nothing is impossible. so because you “seem to think that it is actually mars in pisces that you have” even if the natal chart is right , who is more right? Christ or the natal chart say that i have a mars in scorpio in house 8 bla bla or whatever if your just believe it happens, Well i believe that i control my desteny no matter how much controlled i seem to be , God has a desteny awaiting for us but i believe that Gods desteny for me is to learn to control my own desteny rather that being controlled by it , thats why i have faith in what i do , don’t think logically because the answer is not going to come to your knees and you are going to simply tire yourself.. Mark these word “Whether you think you are or not , you have that or not , you are right”

22 07 2011

You guys , the natal chart sais that i’m a scorpio with a horoscope in aries and i was born night . Hey i have Mars in Scoprio too folks , but it is in house 8 and in zero degrees , it sais that i am seeming to be fearless and that i might hurt my legs lol (it’s for real) it sais that i might have an accident or a serious injury with the legs , if not then i will receive a badge for acts of bravery yay! What i really want to ask is that it happens that i also have a Pluto in Saggitarius two degrees in house one , how deos it affect according to my mars in scorpio placement(it is in house 8) and remember i was born night nine o clock in the night. Please if you know please tell me.

3 06 2012

This is often a amazing site, could you be interested in working on an interview regarding just how you created it? If so e-mail me!

27 07 2012

People with Mars in Scorpio express their martian energy in a silent, interesting way. They let others know how much of a force they are to be reckoned with a silent, underhanded way that can be hypnotizing. You will know exactly how they regard simply by the tone of their voice. They are aware of how you see these small differences in body language and interpretation and are courageous in how they express them in a passionate way. Some examine their “targets” which they demand total ownership and find some fault in which they are constantly holding as ransom over the other person they may expose. They like the idea of having a personal nuke they can drop on you at will. If the other side yields, they will not take it personally and continue to strive in their “endeavors” until they succeed. Sometimes the subtle intimidation or manipulation can turn on the Scorpio Mars who once felt in so much control. This is an internal revelation for them to deal with but they do and pick up the pieces and move on. Their lives may be sought with all sorts of victories and defeats, but mostly victories. Scorpio Mars is dangerous from a distance but are even more dangerous when they have gotten to know you. They have a way of looking very harmless to others. In order to see their strength(their mars) you have to read between the lines and you’ll see it in the underworld, the pasture of pluto, from this deepest enviroment which comes from within, is from where they may attack.

23 09 2012

hi all this has been the best read ive found so far on this placement, the first thing ive got to say relate to the comment Tim made about the guy he bashed for pushing the girl (wanker! not you Tim) but ive taken a few hidings when i have done wrong, when i say taken i mean ive let people attack me and not retaliated totally differnet circumstances to your situation, but i have the moon in gemini so i feel i can turn on the madness if you like!!
people do think im mental because when ive lost it in the past like many of the other mars scorpios have said they turn into a killing machine im at worst with bullys when i was 20 a guy my age took my little brothers dinner money off of him, this guy was a real lad about town and could have a fight one of those doorman type of blokes, anyway the feeling in my stomach was pure fear of myself but i went into town that night and found this guy (17 stone i was 11 with a sparrow chest) and bit his bottom lip clean off his face and his ear quite savage, and ive had lots more of these horrible events but with age ive kinda steered myself away from where the trouble happens but life allways presents me with someone full of bravado from time to time.

anyway im so glad i found astrology as i kinda understand myself a little bit now, i need to stay away from addictive things drugs and drink,

my planets are

Sun 10° 08′ Virgo
Moon 19° 04′ Gemini
Mercury 16° 38′ Virgo
Venus 24° 33′ Cancer
Mars 02° 46′ Scorpio
Jupiter 18° 26′ Virgo
Saturn 27° 37′ Virgo
Uranus 21° 60′ Scorpio
Neptune 19° 55′ Sagittarius
Pluto 20° 08′ Libra

i have accendant pisces

i am going through alot of stress, mainly old embeded rubbish due to mars, but if you would like to have your say or offer any guidence your welcome

16 10 2012

Mars in Scorpio here…

Alot of this applies to me heavily. I am incredibly aware of my surroundings almost with a killer instinct. I’m always playing out situations and events and how I would handle them in my head. I find that I always have an “ace in the deck” when I begin to feel ruffled, almost like if I needed to I could say one statement and shut down the person I’m dealing with. It is definitely cold and calculating, and this placement along with my Mercury in Cap (conjunct Saturn) I come off as dead serious and cynical most the time. While I believe I draw quite alot of strength from this placement, sometime I can feel that I become overbearing with my “realness” that other people may not want to deal with.

This along with my Mars in the 12th makes it very bad when I actually do become angry. Im actually very non emotional (gemini moon/cap stellium) and quite the blank page on the surface. I’m very slow to get to that point of anger (almost to the point where I repress my anger in normal situations) then with one bellow of energy I can erupt into a verbal volcano.

My main task is just learning how to channel those emotions, express them in a healthy way when necessary (instead of being a carpet mat) and tempering them when they do want to come out.

10 11 2012

I think it’s really important to be very careful yet proud with this placement. I usually get along with people with Mars in Scorpio, but I had a “friend” that had this placement and he really got under my skin. He was all about those psychological games, manipulation, exposing your fears and weaknesses any way he could. It was so bad that whatever he said, you never knew what he was really saying because he was on all kinds of other shit when he talked. When he really pissed me off though and realized I was two seconds away from killing him, he backed off-yet still threatened to call the police. He only fucked with me when I was trying to be peaceful and be cool about everything. I have seen people with Mars in Scorpio do some rather amazing things. Joe Rogan is the man, he’s a leo with MIS. He’s a comedian and commentator for the UFC. You should see how he deals with hecklers on youtube. BIBLICAL HOSTILITY.

17 02 2013

A lot of people I know personally have this placement-specifically my co-workers. One friend of mine-who is a virgo sun has this placement. He’s not the best fight in the world(ive been helping him with that) and hes only 140 lbs sop and soaking wet but this guy has some balls. Everyone I know with this placement always demonstrates Arian-like courage. Some may take it a little too far and a little too aggressive. This one girl I know started screaming at me one day because I asked her a simple question. I also know you guys can be a little psychologically tacky at times. Sometimes I’ll be having a conversation with you guys and I get a host of all kinds of psychological tackiness-for no reason at all either. It will usually come in the form of what I call a “turn of phrase” or more commonly known amongst tv anchors to be “spin”. You say one thing but it really means another-usually an indirect threat or attack of the ego. The mars in scorpio looks totally innocent doing this too-like some psychological warfare. How do you know this is occuring? You notice a pattern. With my Scorpio Asc, saturn, and pluto in scorpio-opposing my mars in taurus-i have a tendency of bringing this stuff to the surface whevever i sense it. I notice I am also very mars-in-scorpio-like in my dealing with others. My intention is not to hurt anyone or hurt their feelings-but I notice I automatically say things(without meaning to) which could be interpreted as something else. Maybe it’s my natural scorpion-like psychological armour that penetrates. It’s left me to the conclusion that our INTENTION is what is really important. They tend to be human lie detectors. I can tell the truth about a host of things that sound like lies-but lie about one thing-and one thing only-and they will know. It’s weird. Fun fact-people with mars in scorpio really don’t like being lied to. If you really wanna piss them off-just tell them you were once a navy seal or something-they will go to every end to expose the fact that you lied. I notice a lot of women with this placement tend to be naturally attracted to me as well and the sex-never any complaints. These women give it to you with everything they possibly have. Sexually-they are quiet dominating-if not-they will at least try-and try with everything they have. WOW! I notice with males and females alike people with mars in scorpio are especially nice to me. They go out of their to help me out anytime they can-very giving-almost as if they owe me something. I notice a pattern with this. I also notice they will come to me for advice a lot-possibly because of my Saturn placement. It’s always for something that I can help them with too, as if they know. All in all, a lot of placements-specifically those that are very powerful-especially with the inner-most planets-really helps validate the authenticity of astrology. Just look for the patterns of behavior amongst those with similar placements.

29 08 2013

I have mars in scorpio, saturn in scorpio and pluto in scorpio. Pluto in my eighth house, and moon trine pluto. I am a female and I kick ass psychologically, physically and then take names. Not because I want to, because I love peace; but because I’m forced. I am naturally easy going, don’t like trouble but I always seem to be a target, don’t know why. Well, they always learn late what they are up against. Never reveal my motive, adversary don’t know what coming until the final second. And I have no guilt about it. At age 29 I live been through a lot, fight a lot of wars, demons. Survived on my own, and you will never guess by my grace, warmth and kindness,

11 11 2013

I have Neptune At 10/25 conjunct Mars at 10/48 in Scorpio in my fifth house , the only thing I have read about was from Grant Lewi ( he called it the most powerful magnetic aspect in the Horoscope ) some of what he wrote rings true .. But only a bit .. What’s your thoughts on it ? Wonderful site by the way x

5 12 2013

Any Mars in Scorpio here train in some system of combat? Martial arts? Military service. Stories to tell? Very interested in hearing…

13 01 2014

I disagree with one thing NIGHTSKY. Just because someone has this placement does not mean they are to judge and give exactly what is deserved or as you put it “destined”. Doing things, such as extermination may come undeserved for the Mars in Scorpio’s prey. More often than not, what I’ve observed, it is. So the action can be very predatory more than it is heroic. I also disagree that this is the “strongest” position for Mars. No doubt, Mars is superior in Scorpio where he uses strategy and maneuvering to his advantage and where finding a way to destroy opposition comes as common sense to them yet if Mars is forced in Scorpio to fight a daytime battle with an opponent such as Mars in Aries, it shows they will most likely face defeat. I’ve seen this happen many times. This means a fair, open fight where both parties stand and fight in raw combat and the best(STRONGEST) man wins. Sword to sword, gun to gun, or hand to hand. Attacking an unexpected victim by catching him off guard doesn’t prove to yourself or anyone else true strength, just predatory behavior and that is the nature of the beast. If it has to be done… so do it.

17 05 2014


Character and destiny of a person should not be decided merely on basis of signs occupied by planets and points. Instead greater importance should always be given to decans, aspects, conjunctions, fixed stars and whole signs houses.

For a Scorpio rising person, Taurus falls into whole sign seventh house. And if you have Mars, who is ruler of 6th house Aries go into 7th house, you tend to attract enemies (depending upon other factors in the chart, it could either lessen or heighten this unpleasant feature) As for Sun in Aries — for a Scorpio rising person this means ruler of 10th house of reputation and career goes into Aries, 6th house of service, strife and enemies where it is exalted— a remarkably good placement if not molested by enemy planets.

IN pure state, Mars in Aries is useful where you need reckless and direct action and brute force while Mars in Scorpio is useful where you need cunning, long term planning and stamina.

BTW — I have Saturn & Mars in Scorpio with Moon in Aries, Sun in Gemini and Ascendant in Scorpio.

14 08 2014

I am commenting on this since it is a current transit, falling into my 8th house of scorpio. Recently I have seen a high number of deaths of people I know. My partner has scorpio in the 11th and has lost many friends. It seems a little scary.

20 11 2014

I was told I have mars in Scorpio can you tell me what it means for me. Birthday January 30,1954 Garfield HTS, Ohio or Cleveland,Ohio 9:04 pm thank you Anita

7 11 2015

Mars, Ascendant, Neptune, North node in Scorpio, 12th house. Another great description of Mar in Scorpio google, “We are Stardust, Mars in Scorpio”.

13 11 2015

Any info on Saturn conjunct mars in scorpio

4 04 2017

I have Venus and Mars in Scorpio . My moon is in Aries 8th house and my sun and ascendant are in virgo first house also black moon Lilith is in Virgo first house and Mercury is in Virgo 12th house . I have a natal trine between my sun and Neptune as well. So ima hot headed hot dreamy little mess walking talking disaster never know what I’m going to get myself into but the path of self discovery has been absolutely incredibly full of depth and all kinds of things. Life has been very beautiful tasteful rich and rewarding and also very intense cruel painful and distorting . I love atsrology I love learning about this all the time , always a true passion for me and it always will be it’s like a religion for me haha anyways thank you for the wonderful read . :)))<333

27 06 2018

The power and strength of Leo Sun and Leo Mars was legendary in the ancient days too and some astrologers claimed that the only reason Mars was peregrine in Leo was because it made Mars TOO destructive. Leo was included in the “strong signs” of medieval astrology and was the only fully “feral” sign.

So get your facts straight regarding Leo.

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