Venus Cancer

Venus placed in Cancer is completely defensive about love. Venus takes her queue from her mother or father, she will look either for someone who will protect her, or for someone who she might play mother with. Venus in Cancer are very sensitive and will take things to heart easily. This is a highly emotionally reactive place for Venus, who’s moods are extremely changeable.

Cancer Venus should shower all of their affection on family members, and should make their home a beautiful and comforting place to live in order to find happiness and love.

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5 03 2011

Looks like it is not a very common placement for venus. Or perhaps…those Venus are busy in loving their family members and making their home beautifu for the one they lovel. They have no time to read blogs!! :)

1 05 2011

I have Venus in Cancer in the 5th house. I read blogs. lol. Of course I know shornali is joking too. I am happiest caring for others and I “nest” so do work towards making a nice home for my loved ones. The trouble with Venus in Cancer is we are happy at home with our loved ones. I will miss a party for quality home time. When I work more than 40 hours a week away it’s where I recoup and relax.

24 01 2013

I have it on my Asc. I read blogs, not news, mostly inspiring articles because I am at home. Cooking is a passion as well. Mothering comes completely natural. Vesta conj on Asc. Bought a new trinket to beautify the house yesterday. Yes, my fave indulgence. :)

29 04 2016

I have it in the 9th house. I enjoy traveling with family. My possessions often have sentimental value.

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