Venus Gemini

This is the sign that isn’t satisfied with one of anything. Natives with this placement should read poetry about love, read novels with depth right the way through… to the end. They are capable of sticking through to the end, so long as it involves constant mental stimulation, variety and change. Bob Dylan has this placement, his singing voice as shown by Venus was never a “fine singing voice,” more like a gritty and smoky shout, but his lyrics are lengthy, it was after all the words that mattered more than anything. Even more than the meaning behind them…?

Venus Gemini is a fun loving fun-lover.

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16 11 2008

This is spot on as well. I love poetry, am also an aspiring songwriter and tend to get bogged down with the message, thankfully i’m a Taurus and the singing sort of works itself out, though the writing is what drives me. Looking forward to hearing more. Would be able to write about Aquarius moon, and Jupiter in Virgo? Thanks!

16 11 2008

Will see what I can come up with. Thanks for comments.

1 01 2009

I’ve been flitting around your website (in typical Venus in Gemini) fashion and wasn’t sure where to leave a comment as I read so many interesting things but thought would leave it here as Venus in Gemini is my chart ruler so a very strong part of me. And this description is good.
Wasn’t sure where to leave a general comment on the site but I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful body of work here and I loved browsing through it. I was thinking of setting up an astro blog of my own so have been checking out several. I like yours a lot and another fanstastic resource is Aquarian Papers which I read almost every day.
I think if I set up a blog it will encompass more than astrology and it’s great how you have so many subjects and streams intermingling here.
I particularly found fascinating your Uranus Pluto Saturn Jupiter 2010; The next ideology. I haven’t read it all as yet but what I have read is compelling and I certainly can see the 1966 summary as being very valid (I was born then!)
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and keep up the good work and I will be back to read some more!

1 01 2009

Mary thank you for comment. I will add Aquarian Papers to my links. I am yet to write on the traditional dignities of Venus in Gemini as on the rest of the planetary positions. I like this traditional approach. I am also grateful for what you said about the 2010 articles. This is a historical work in progress and is vital for understanding not just of 2010, but the years ahead, between 2010 and the next “grand configuration” which I believe is a number of decades.

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