Mars Virgo

Mars Virgo

Mars in tropical Virgo has terms in the last 6 degrees of that sign and is peregrine in the rest, which is almost identical to the dignity of Mars in Sagittarius and Aquarius. Mars is in Mercury´s terrain in Virgo. The nature of Virgo is dry and cold, it is a changing sign, but nonetheless it is of the Earth triplicity. Virgo has rulership over physicians, nurses, clerks, employees, work and health as well as over horticulture and harvest.

When Mars is in Virgo he is out in the field. He is either out in the field cutting the wheat and bringing it in before separating it from the chaff, which takes a certain amount of skill and forethought in order not to waste time. Or he is out in the field curing patients, listening to their symptoms and working out just where and when to draw blood, to cut, to remove and to patch back up all in the name of service.

Mars has to be at war all the time, he must see something which is worth living for in the moment, and with Mercury telling him what to do in Earth he is all ready and willing to battle smart and clever against a stupid and slow enemy who he is happy to confuse through speed, though not so much cunning, because Virgo is a sign which inclines towards honesty, being Earth.

Mars in Virgo at war is equiped with mercury´s lightness and ease with words. This Mars is not interested in fighting the good fight like Aries Mars, in fact this position does not give Mars that much strength to fight a one on one mano a mano combat. Under Mercury´s leadership Mars makes the best of the field, he works out where the enemy is weak through intelligence and uses that knowledge in order to be victorious. This Mars is not heavily armoured. He must use knowledge to gain advantage, and like a warrior physician he will cut out the offending cancer, in order to gain victory, to defeat and capture the leader of the invador rather than fight and suffer heavy losses. Because of Virgo Mars´s lightness of foot and ease of movement, he is able to conquer rapidly and move on to defeat the next opponent equally as fast, all with the knowledge and rulership given to him by Mercury of books, libraries, maps and meadows.

Sexually. Mars in Virgo is not in essential debility, he does have terms here, and is neither detriment or fall. OK, this placement inclines towards being shy. If you are interested in a Mars Virgo you must put this person at ease before making any moves, they value honesty, being natural and acting in a natural way, so any actions, words or sexual language which does not seem spontaneous will make them nervous. And when Mars Virgo is nervous they are turned off. Mars Virgo is turned on and off like a light bulb. This is due mostly to the mercurial nature of Virgo, the sexual thoughts are compartmentalised and filed away in perfect order, so for Mars in Virgo there is a time and a place for everything, uncertainty can be a turn off, so make an appointment. Also Mars Virgo may sometimes think that they are sexually inadequate, physically not good enough, this is Virgo being critical, but it also means that they are capable of knowing everything that there is to know on the subject, whether or not they get the chance to put it into practice. They need to feel it in their mind first before translating it into a bodily sensation. The right words which are honest and thoughtful will help this person to feel confident and clear about what is desired of them. This person must know what the situation is, what it is that you want in very clear terms so that they feel there is no doubt, or confusion. Confusion makes Virgo Mars stressed an unhappy.

There are many examples of Mars Virgo being heroic, doing things which are warlike, brave and bold. This placement does not have to take its queue from anyone else, though at times it does like to check over what it’s doing just to make sure that the job is being done properly. “Is that OK?”…”did you like that?”… “I’m not sure I did it right, can you tell me what you’d like and be more specific?” These can be some of the questions that Mars Virgo will ask when called upon to do something, for someone else or even for themselves. They don’t think that they are good enough. Even when they are.

Mars Virgo is a fine placement considering that Mercury like Mars has special affinity with the mind and the brain. This placement can be found in people who are strategists, and who are successful at using words to attack and defeat their opponents. Jacques Chirac, George W. Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Barack Obama, Henry VIII and Napoleon Bonaparte are among politicians with this placement, and they are no push-overs.

The charisma of Mars Virgo is associated with these people’s movements, their bodily presence which is one of the significators of Virgo, and with Mars there it invigorates these people giving them a certain nervous energy which is charismatic and forceful on the one hand, but also endearing on the other, for it is still obvious that they only want to please and “be good enough.” Virgo Mars is lack of confidence of Virgo, mixed with confidence of Mars.

Evel Knievel, Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Princess Diana, Silvester Stalone, Charles Manson, Jeff Buckley, James Brown, John Bonham, David Schwimmer Matt Damon, Will Smith, Thom Yorke, Ernest Hemingway, Emily Bronte and believe it or not Wayne Rooney all have Mars Virgo.

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16 11 2008

This is a good account. One thing many astrologers do is give immediate negative connotations to certain aspects. The error in that is that it can make a person feel ‘fated’ and never pick up the positive energies it could bring. As a Mars Virgo native i wholeheartedly approve.

2 04 2009
Johanna Martinez

Thnx, for the info, I have Mars in Virgo in in MC, and I’ve been studying astrology for two months, on my own, and just yesterday I realized that Mars was the ruler of my chart! One of those things that are just right in front of you and you just don’t see :S And of course your description applies to me very much, by 90%.

23 05 2009

this is very true of me! This is the most accurate reading of my mars in virgo that I’ve ever read. I really do need to believe something before I can express it and show emotion about it. Also, when I work with others I’m always asking, “Do you agree?” “Is that alright with you?”, and so on. And last, I looooovvveee researching. In fact, last night I came home from being out with friends, got on my computer and started researching an article I have been working on! Crazy! Thanks so much!

8 10 2010

With Mars in Virgo, I think nothing will do but only the sharpest tool around – the sharpest pencil, the most expensive pen, the newly-sharpened knife, and yes the most cutting word in a choice of 5 (thus the penchant for a thesaurus). Thinking strategically is second nature to me. No wonder I love fork and pin moves in a chess game. War games? I love it. Slept with Sun Tzu’s book of war under my pillow. Watched every war movie in history, even those that are fictional and read whatever I can about those too. The fascination for the psychology of war is there alright.

Bedroom appointments is so true! :-)

25 02 2011

Yes….wars …the one fought with words, or thoughts. Either in fiction, movies or in court rooms. Thats Mars Virgo, alright!

This article made me laugh..:)

4 02 2011

“Mars Virgo is turned on and off like a light bulb”…Lollzz.

“for Mars in Virgo there is a time and a place for everything, uncertainty can be a turn off, so make an appointment”.. this is so true. I hate surprises, even the pleasent one…and…I am sure, you know this for yoruself too :)

4 02 2011
Night Sky

I’d say Virgo Mars is just plain, matter of fact. Honest perhaps. Sometimes things get said, and they sound like criticism, but they’re not really. It’s that old saying: “I was just saying… I didn’t mean anything by it, it was just a statement of fact.” Perhaps we are critical…

10 02 2016

mars is kinetic energy wanting door for movement and mercury is oscillation between two limits. This position puts mind moving energetically between two limis on physical and mental planes giving skill in mind games, cautious acts being performed vigorously and helping needy persons depending on house placement of mars and mercury

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