Venus Virgo

I wasn’t good enough for you the moment you set eyes on me. I was interesting, i was odd to you but that translated into attraction for you, which was never really attraction, it was more of an interest, and then I said things which were peculiarly formed which provoked thoughts in your head, which translated into a funny feeling, which allowed you to speak, which made you feel like you were listened to, and that feeling came close, it came very close but it never came close enough to let you let your guard down because it was never the right time, because it just wasn’t perfect, because I made you nervous, which translated itself into a feeling but you weren’t sure which feeling, but when you finally worked it out it was too late.

You were so sweet with your words, you always considered and thought about me and I knew you were thinking and considering me, but I wasn’t sure about what you wanted because you always kept pulling away, and I eventually gave up, but I still feel grateful for your kindness and gentleness.

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8 06 2009


10 08 2009

Well my dear:-) The last time Saturn was conjuktion my Venus at 23 deegre Virgo, I was divorsing a man, to meet a new one…the ONE I have been marrid for 26 I am divosed since three years back..We have two sons…
And now I am standing here again, but older:-)
Well MEN is in my point of view only relating for sex..but thats NOT me:-)
Even if I am a Libra woman…I have a venus/saturn konjunktion in Virgo:-)

14 12 2009

I had to re-read this then just to make sure I wasn’t going mad and reading a story of my life. That is me all over…plus my virgo venus is conjunct my mars in 8th house. It makes me sad and happy to read it, very bittersweet….like love. Thats the most accurate description I have ever read on this position. Thankyou

12 04 2010

I felt sad reading this… does that mean that we’re always too late and that people give up on us irreversibly? How can we win back someone’s heart, even though we felt exactly the way described above…

11 10 2010

The truth in this article is disturbing. It sounds like Venus in Virgo is doomed to not know what it has until it’s gone. Ugh!

25 02 2011

My husband has Venus in Virgo conjuncting Mars in 12 house. Reading this simple article was very illuminating. It’s really sad that some people are “cursed” like this for no appearent reason. It just does not make any sense.

3 04 2013

I really loved it, such a beautiful text

3 05 2013

i always come from time to time to read this text, i know this was written a long time ago , but im glad i found it. It’s so beautiful and bittwersweet just like Fran said.

3 01 2016

The following planets are exalted in the following signs. Sun: Sagittarius, Capricorn. Moon: Libra, Aquarius. Ascendant: rules Libra. Venus: Virgo. Mars: Aquarius. Jupiter: Aquarius. Saturn: Gemini, Pisces. Uranus: Cancer. Neptune: Cancer, Libra. Pluto: Aries, Virgo. Chiron: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius. Source: Astrology.

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