Saturn in Gemini

A book should serve as the ax for the frozen sea within us

Franz Kafka

Saturn has day time triplicity as well as terms between 21 and 25 degrees of Tropical Gemini. There is a strong likelihood of peregrination occurring here, though it is not as strong as in other signs, which means that this Saturn is a relatively dignified Saturn.

Saturn as primary ruler of Aquarius is actually in possession of all of the mental and human qualities which make up Gemini. Gemini along with Virgo and Aquarius are the three entirely human signs. So while in the binary sign of Gemini Saturn under the guidance of a boisterous and out going day time Mercury is stimulated by thought to say the least.

Under the ray of Gemini, Saturn is given the tools of intellect and thought. His imperative is to build stability and solid foundations, a life which does not contain too many surprises, which is why, when peregrine in Gemini, he is as poorly dignified as an Aries Saturn. Mercury being the planet who doesn´t stay still, doesn´t care for long term commitments and is restless, is unable to stick to the tasks that Saturn desires, namely those of hard work and establishing a reputation for himself. Gemini has the terrible habit of getting distracted and not paying attention, preferring to “sample” a little of everything that seems to be on offer, deciding at the end that the first thing it saw was the best, but that the opportunity for it is now somewhat redundant.

On the other hand when Saturn here is more dignified, and that´s in its day time triplicity, he is able to take orders from a very detached and intellectual Mercury. Day time Mercury is not the same as the night time Virgo Mercury, here Saturn is outgoing and more inclined to make connections like the Aquarian Saturn. It is imperative that this Saturn find a way of achieving stability and defending something that is worthy of long lasting success. Having considered the pitfalls of this placement, it is of great note that Saturn here is capable of the greatest mental constructions. Here he is forced into building things which allow for speed and movement so that if there are any problems they can be dealt with in the most rapid and efficient, (second only to Virgo Saturn) way.

Gemini rules over all such things as roads, telegraph wires, cars, nerves, novels, teachers, schools and neighbours. So it is no surprise that when Saturn is in this terrain he is persuaded, by his Mercury master into building structures of two dimensions. The city of London is traditionally considered to be Gemini and from its outset is divided into two by the river Thames and then again between the East and West, and  then again by its extensive underground which results in a second “twin” London under-ground, one that is on the move, a city that has for its government both a democracy and a monarchy with Imperial possessions at the same time, only Saturn in Gemini is capable of such a feat. Interestingly for London, cab drivers are said to have “the knowledge” and it is a feat of Saturn to master knowledge of such a huge city, one where not one, but a multitude of free newspapers circulate both underground and overground. When dignified then, this Saturn is truly fast and clever.

Saturn in Gemini is not just inclined to being fast and clever, but is also capable of great writing too. There are a number of authors with this position, and once again theirs is a knowledge which is sifted by Saturn who is concerned with the purity of thought and sharing only information which is worth sharing. The only criticism here for Saturn is that Gemini is a sign which only goes on what he knows and sees and doesn´t really believe in that which cannot be tested.

Some people with Gemini Saturn: Mick Jagger, Harrison Ford, Sigmund Freud, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Copernicus, Albert Camus, Oscar Wilde, Franz Kafka, Sir Francis Bacon, Ivan (The Terrible), William Burroughs, Socrates, Jerry Springer

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