Saturn: Who you´re born to be

10 01 2009

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

Saturn, ruler of the Zodiac sign of Aquarius by day, of Capricorn by night, Exalted by Libra and ruler of the triplicity of air by day is one of the most neglected planets in the solar system.

His traditional rulerships indicate that this planet has most effect and affinity with the air element than with Earth which is generally what the modernists of Astrology regard him as; the block building realist. But not so, Saturn is after all a Gas Giant of the solar system following only Jupiter in Size and mass, with an atmosphere which is quite similar in its composition to the “great benific”.

Saturn´s air makes this planet surely like Venus and Mercury one of the intellectual and social planets, his day time rulership Aquarius gives him the tools and knowledge which imply that he is not “dull” or lacking in potential for either understanding, technological genius, and coherent thought.

Saturn´s “joy” in the 12th house is an interesting fact. Is this because he is happiest in the house of sorrow? A planet of sorrow, like that of the modern planet Neptune? The strange nature of this “joy” for a planet that rules over the sign of humanity Aquarius, is a planet who is happiest alone in the soft and over- shadowed light of the 12th house. Aquarius is the sign of detriment for the Sun, for individual fire, and spontaneous life-force, but Saturn´s exaltation Libra is also a sign in which Sun “falls”.

It´s the sorrow of being human. It´s the sorrow of not being a Sun god, but being a mere mortal, that makes Saturn like to hide away in the 12th house. A lot has been written on the “malefic” nature of Saturn, and in the psychological school on the “experience” or “karma” that the so called teacher of the Zodiac is meant to impart. But this is not the real Saturn.

The real Saturn is in fact the most human like planet of all. Saturn is the human planet because his power is defeated and brought down by his sons. He is the human planet because he is forced out of his place, and forced down, killed off and mortalised by the usurpers. Saturn knows that his time is coming, time of being brought down, leveled, ended, something which the Leo Sun, or the Cancer Moon, Helios and Selene are utterly oblivious of, being true immortals. This is the reason for Aquarius´s refusal to play immortal parts in life, preferring the all so temporary friendship because, after all we´re only here for the day, not staying the night, the night of course belonging to his partner in crime the other malefic Mars and modern Pluto or Hades. A day being equivalent to a life in terms of immortality.

Saturn in the life does symbolise the individual fears, restrictions, and stuff that´s hard, where unprepared for responsibility is forced. But to not become your Saturn sign is to not be fully human. How are we supposed to “be our Saturn”? The nature of the planet is that of accepting not being good enough, like the mythical Saturn, of being allowed only a certain amount of time, in order to be a god, a kind of  mortal god, because to be deposed, de-throned as king of the gods, is death, even for an immortal god, death of self-respect, death of the respect that your sons once held for you and death of those relations and worship that made you immortal in the first place.

Saturn is in fact the Biblical Adam being cast out of the Garden of Eden and forced into living in the Society of Men, (Aquarius) and to work and struggle for food on the desolate Earth (Capricorn), with Eve  the first wife and first to succumb and fall (Libra, fall of Sun).

As planet of the Air triplicity and ruler of Aquarius, Saturn asks why he is alone. He asks why is the land and Earth dark, and in that darkness creates fire, through mental planning, he not only creates fire, something that Leo Sun naturally had, and didn´t need, like a Sahara Lion, but he creates shelter in that wilderness and community, with the first woman, and the sons which are his from that union. Sons that he knows will one day take his place, and probably fight with each other to divide what he has.

Finding Saturn in the natal birth chart is where we will all find exposure like the first man and the first woman. This is the spot where nakedness and weakness exist, but like the first human beings, and like mythological Cronus, we are meant to make the absolute most of before the time is up. Time on planet Earth is under the sole rulership of the planet Saturn, Saturn is where we must ask “there must be something more,” and “there are times when I must try to be so much more alive”.

The Saturn sign is the sign of being human. The Sun sign is the spiritual, the place of God in our lives. Saturn is not the devil, far from it, Saturn is what makes us fragile, where we hide. Saturn in Aquarius is afraid of the friendship of man, feels alone, but is endowed with the purest form of Saturnine air and mental ability to create community, it is up to him to pursue this and become a true Aquarian, in order to be human, and draw upon that pain of being alone to achieve it before his death. Scorpio Saturn is asked to be a strong warrior, he is asked to exhibit the features of Scorpio, to be deep, and passionate, Libra Saturn is asked to be perfect in partnership and to be the perfect Libran diplomat pleasing all and upsetting none.

One great lie of Astrology is ascribing the Sun as the most important influence in the sky. He might be the strongest, the brightest, the most obvious, but it is on the Earth that we live, and in the Air that our existence as human beings is borne out. The most important element in the sky is not the Sun, the undying, spiritual force of warmth, it is the cold ringed planet of sobering and haunting beauty, a silent figure, a figure of insecurity a figure of rage at being out-caste from paradise, a figure sublime in his Aquarian and immensely painful and real state.

Is it consciousness if a being feels nothing but warm Sun on its face? Grass feel this, they grow using sensory data collected from hormones which encourage growth and reproduction. Sentience felt by all creatures are part of the Sun, as well as the Moon. Reproduction is part of the sexual selection as described by Mars and Venus rulerships. Animals share these planetary influences with human beings. But Saturn is the planet who has consciousness. To become your Saturn sign is the greatest challenge that anyone can attempt. The person they are within the human race, the things that they are to be remembered by, and what their children will think of them as is governed by their natal Saturn. This is the real deal. This is your Earth Self, the site where you are a true human being in fault as well as in greatness.


Saturn in Sagittarius

7 01 2009

Saturn has terms at 19 to 25 degrees and face between 20 and 30 degrees of the Tropical sign of Sagittarius, with the other 19 degrees being peregrine. The elemental nature of Sagittarius is hot and humid, it is a fiery and moveable sign, while the humour of Saturn is that of melancholic.

One of the most noble Sagittarian Saturns was Mahatma Gandhi. This is the Saturn whose struggle to power and to Independence, the achievement of the Saturnine goal was made through the use of every benefit available and every gift from Jupiter, namely: non-violence based on religious and spiritual conviction, legal and political publishing and media coverage of his campaign and political fasting. His aims and ambitions were eventually successful because he listened to Jupiter, a Jupiter that does not hurt anyone, being a benific, a Jupiter that is completely generous, but one that is loud and gets his message across to touch and win people over from their hearts.

Like Pisces, Sagittarius Saturn is under the guidance of the greater benific Jupiter. And although on the surface the two planets seem like chalk and cheese, appear to be of opposite natures, that of expansion and contraction, that of enthusiasm and apathy, this is a misleading notion. For in the myth it was Jupiter (Zeus) who opposed his father Saturn (Cronus) in order to take over and govern the heavens. These deities are both in one sense associated with authority, with being the highest and most dignified of rulers. And so it should be noted that the Winter Solstice point occurs at zero Capricorn while the Midheaven (highest point) in an Equal House system is between the associated houses of these two planets, both of Jupiter and Saturn. In one sense Sagittarius represents the Ascent, or movement in an upwards direction, while Saturn on the other hand is the planet of being in that high place already and staying there. The idea is that this Saturn is propelled upwards and given luck in order to achieve his aims. And while this may be true, the reality is that this Saturn is peregrine, meaning he is not in his own land and is on the move, the most apt description for Sagittarius.

Saturn, while in Sagittarius is often asked to build solid foundations while on the move, while in a foreign land. This is easier said than done. Saturn requires respect, traditions, and a solid idea of who he is and what he does in relation to the community. As an immigrant gaining respect from the local people and either having or keeping traditional values, while adapting to those around him is not a natural thing to do for this planet and it feels alien quite often.

Sagittarius Jupiter also gives Saturn an upbringing and background with strong moral belief and strong tendencies towards belief systems, that Saturn as a realist and a melancholy soul is quite at odds with. The result is often that he will reject this idea, and like Pisces become a committed Atheist. However, this does not change the essence or attitude of Sagittarius Saturn, for he is likely to “preach” whether Atheist, or Believer, just the same. But there are many ways for Sagittarius Saturn to act and to behave, his undignified state is that of one who forces his point of view onto others, whether he is  forcing Liberalism and Freedom, or whether he is forcing deep conviction it amounts to the same.

When Saturn is essentially dignified in Sagittarius, his ideas and vision are given without prejudice. He adapts to other cultures and gives his all to them while integrating his own culture into it. Being once again in a fire sign, and similar to the debilities of Leo and Aries, Saturn is asked by Jupiter to find his higher self, his spiritual self, which is easier than in those other fire signs. Saturn is asked to show enthusiasm and to learn and travel, he is asked to have Faith, and vision.

One great Sagittarius Saturn was Che Guevara the revolutionary. His story is about travelling and learning about people directly, about his continent´s suffering and lack of opportunities and then standing up for them using a committed set of beliefs, that of Marxism, in order to bring hope and change. Now of course, his dreams of revolution bringing hope and “raising” people were fulfilled in Cuba, but not in the rest of South America. The eternal truth of the phrase “travel light” is denied with Saturn, who travels with everything he has, and travels seriously, making his life and his home, the road.

When dignified, Sagittarius Saturn develops tolerance, and a healthy happy attitude towards life, a faith in the future and avoids thinking negative thoughts, the game of Saturn in this sign is to have positivity, to have joy and spontaneity. Saturn will never gain happiness here by sitting still, through responsibility or professionalism, his needs will only be met if he does what´s asked of him by Jupiter.

Some People with Sagittarius Saturn: Mahatma Gandhi Andy Warhol, Edgar Allan Po, Che, Dvorak, Ernest Hemingway, Frederic Chopin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Traditional Astrology: Part 1

5 01 2009

The outer planets and asteroids, whose numbers grow each day are relevant to Astrology. Yet these planets and bodies are external aspects of human consciousness, these are symbols of the non-human part of life. Pluto as a planet and as a myth is not symbolic of Earthly life, its symbolism and mythology is that of death and Hades is ancient god of the underworld.

Outer Planets and asteroids have an important part to play in our knowledge and understanding, yet they are symbolic of circumstances which are outside of individual human control. Having an inner planet for example, Mercury conjunct an outer planet, Uranus does not make the person come in contact with another person symbolic of Uranus, but it is likely that his mind will be interested in subjects that are associated with the modern planet and able to access the external conscious level which is symbolised by this planet. Uranus is not an inner state, but an outer state, an external place in which Mercury as symbol of the student and mind of a person is able to access.

Neptune equally does not symbolise a person. Neptune is symbolic of the ocean, of mass consciousness, and of what is not altogether understood, in the exact same way that Pluto is not understood. Pluto symbolises the forces of nature which are beyond human control and understanding, Pluto does not have rulership of the Tropical sign of Scorpio. It is not possible for a human being to be symbolised by Pluto, lord of the dead, of the underworld, of hell, because all human beings are living. This is not to say that the outer planets do not have power to affect human beings and this is the reason for their incorporation into Astrology, by those early writers and Astrologers who saw remarkable similarities between these planets and the Signs.

Saturn in Pisces

5 01 2009

The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money. Karl Marx

In Tropical Pisces, Saturn has face in the first ten degrees and terms in the last four. The result is that Saturn is peregrine, in no more than 16 degrees of this sign and is essentially dignified in the rest albeit with minor dignity.

Pisces is the home and rulership of Jupiter, signifier of faithfulness and religious compassion. While under Jupiter´s guidance, Saturn is forced into seclusion at times in order to gain a deeper and more spiritual understanding of himself and his place in the universe. This is the soul searching sign. Pisces has a great deal of sadness, and so when Saturn is found here in water, he is asked to contact his emotions, like that of Cancer Saturn and Scorpio Saturn. Pisces Saturn must take care of those in need, must be charitable and kind, for if he  does not learn how to show these emotions he will inevitably be forced into suffering and asking for the same kind of sympathy that is asked of him here.

Pisces Saturn is a Saturn placed in an element, which is not favourable to him. Emotion of water is not easy for his natural place is that of Aquarius, the air sign of thought, and Capricorn, a sign long associated with low emotional states, that of melancholy and stability. Pisces as with Scorpio is a place in which Saturn has some dignity and as such is given the opportunity to build something lasting and useful. His ability to give himself up in this placement, to some cause for bettering humanity, for helping people, will lead this Saturn into building sanctuaries, hospitals, schools, places for the homeless and the hungry. In this regard Pisces Saturn does have certain things in common with Virgo Saturn, for ultimately they both serve humanity, and while Virgo does this in a calculating way and Pisces does it in an emotional way, the end is the same.

Saturn here is not best suited to his traditional strong role in politics, and public life and indeed he is most likely to shun it. But when he is given power he is best off if he adopts a stance which is in favour of lifting people out of hardship and poverty, and in fact his destiny is to support those people, because he is in fact one of them, and feels their suffering as if it were his own.

It is interesting that Pisces Saturn must either be a saviour, or one being saved. But this is the nature of Pisces Jupiter, a fiery yet humid planet who is extremely giving and generous but who´s temperament can easily “let things go” just as well. This is part of the reason for the hardship that Saturn is dealt in Pisces. The problem arises because Saturn requires fixed and permanent structures, and in this water placement he is likely to be brought rapid changes of circumstances, sometimes disease, sometimes problems which are adverse and render him helpless. Saturn generally is attached to what he sees and feels, and can reason, like Mercury, to be true. Jupiter is the planet of Faith and of devotion, and so like Sagittarius Saturn, Pisces Saturn is forced by Jupiter into learning about higher truths, about the soul, and about things for which Saturn is very unaccustomed. And while he may be a committed atheist and materialist, circumstances will always give him chances for spiritual awakening whether he takes them or not.

Karl Marx, although he pronounced those famous words about “religion”, in fact based his entire life and work upon the fundamental teachings of Christ, that of giving up all you have and giving everything to the poor. And even though his writing is intellectual, philosophical and supposedly part of “Enlightenment” thought, dig far enough and at the core is to be found this emotional sympathy, or need to give: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Some people who have Pisces Saturn: Karl Marx, Sir Walter Raleigh, Emily Bronte, Herman Hesse, Kiefer Sutherland, Shania Twain

South Node

2 01 2009

The Dragon´s Tail Re-Written


Without wanting to change or re-write what is accepted knowledge. I´ll begin with what I am familiar which is Christian Astrology:

“Neither part of fortune, North node, South node do emit any radiation”

“North Node is as Jupiter, South Node is a Saturn and Mars” (p.533 CAIII)

This is interesting since the same result is given for for North and South:

“Moon with North Node or South Node shows active spirits, prompt to any science” (p.544)

About Mercury: “with North Node or South Node, he renders most acute and witty??? And good linguists speak many languages.” (p.545)

There are many instances in which South Node is described by Lilly as leading to illness, and misfortune through soldiers, thiefs and other nasty people. But here are a couple of quotes which give contrary evidence in Lilly.

Now my President, Prime Minister, Pop star and Film star:

In the light of Lilly we have South Node as a body without its own “radiation”, although he states that it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars. I find this very interesting. Brad Pitt has Mars conjunct SN in Capricorn. He is in films in which he is a fighter, and not just any old fighter, but a legendary fighter, one who is deified. Fight Club, Snatch, Troy, he´s Achilles. Mars for Pitt appears to be not just exalted but taken to the next level… invincibility, it is almost excessive in Fight Club where he takes absolute pleasure in destruction. Pitt´s Mars is 2 degrees orb conjunct SN. For closer Orb Zinedine Zidane has Mars conjunct SN in Cancer in the 3rd house. He is a great French footballer. Won the World Cup in 98, European Cup in Euro 2000, and Champions League in 2002 with Real Madrid. Here is the SN thing. He is down, for a notorious incident involving provocation from another player for which he reacted with violence. But then again, he´s been awarded the FIFA world player of the year no less than 3 times and awarded the World Cup golden ball in 2006.

So what we are beginning to see is not illness in Pitt´s case, but “great activity” which is quoting Lilly now. So using Lilly as a guide, we have South Node as a distinctly active, if not over-active area. Honour and success though is not denied. Disease and fraud which Lilly seems to point towards is not the mainstay here. But rather good health and extreme success when this person is successful. Churchill and Reagan I believe are leaders who are deified by large numbers of people in their countries, for standing up for “freedom”, which is your Jupiter signification. In Scorpio Reagan was a Hawk, an military supporter, though not a war mongerer. He is famed for expanding American economy. Which is your Jupiter signifier, though of course I am not denying that a price was paid at the same time. Churchill formed Alliances. SN Jupiter in Libra. He would have never won the war without the US on his side which is one thing that he achieved, through his North Atlantic Meetings with Roosevelt. And his talks with Stalin, and getting the rest of the Empire as well on his side, lets not forget the British Empire was not prepared to fight without that promise of Independence. Then we have Churchill the artist… he painted more than 700 watercolours.

I neglected Britney didn´t I? She´s your pin up pop-star. But she´s the most successful female singer to date. She has mutual reception by domicile between Venus and Capricorn, but I think that SN there is definitely bringing something extra, since Saturn and Venus are actually closely square to each other, and would lead me to an interpretation of someone more introverted and less confident about their abilities. With all planets below the horizon except for a 12th house Mars, Britney is not meant for the public exposure that she´s had. She has Fortune in the 10th which is a great position, but that´s it.

To just bring all this in now, here are only a handful of examples of South Node conjunctions. I do not refute Lilly´s observation that it is of a nature like Saturn and Mars. But I propose that this is a potentially highly active and expansive point. Like Saturn, because it is not a place of rest and relaxation, all my examples here are workaholics related to the planet in conjunction with the SN.


Saturn in Taurus

1 01 2009

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. Scripture 25:29

Saturn has terms between 22 and 26 degrees of Taurus and face in the last 10 degrees. So in the first 20 degrees of Tropical Taurus he is peregrine. It is interesting that Saturn is not at home in Taurus the night time rulership of Venus while he has Exaltation in Libra.

Taurus has rulership over Artists, banks, cash, currency, cows, daisies, fields of wheat, music and trees. Under Libran Venus, Saturn is most beneficial, being placed in an air sign of intellect, or relating and of co-operation. Taurus Venus has different ideas to that of Libra. In Taurus Saturn is asked to get his hands dirty with Earth, whether it be that of agricultural produce, or whether it be through making something out of natual talent.

This is the Saturn who is very talented. He has a good voice, good aptitude for skillful and charismatic art or music. He is staunch and ready to persist in his artistic endeavours however dark they are, since his melancholy shows up in the art. This is the main trouble with Taurus Saturn, although he tries, his work will always contain part of his personality, which is cold, and rather sad. There may be great skill in his work this is by no means denied. The only thing is that art, music, and even cows and banks ought not to be so serious. Music that is melancholic is fine, but it is not good to listen to such music all of the time. Dark artwork is fine to see in a gallery, but do you want it in your home, with all that black paint sucking the light out of the room? Saturn keeps hold of things until death, and in a bank he will keep hold of your cash too, his nature is not so much to share and give in the way Venus would like him to share and give.

The Peregrine Taurus Saturn is not happy because he wants security and stability. He wants to know that his estate is never going to dry up, that his friends will never leave him and that his respect will never dry up. But this artistic and talented Saturn relies on his talents and nothing else. He therefore also relies on fashion, and on people´s tastes, which might change leaving his talent and his “work” un-sellable. If he is a musician his voice can lose its quality over time, or the taste and trend of music might simply change leaving him out on the street. Saturn the agriculturalist also has trouble because animals, unlike property and buildings are constantly being born and dying, and the seasons all affect this too, which makes it unstable for him.

Positively though, and when dignified, Taurus Saturn does have charismatic power. He is the aging actor, who´s reputation has gained strength over the years and is now on par with the legendary. This Saturn is very likely to be loved and be popular if he manages to get his “artistic persona” across early and well. There is very little that can change the public opinion of Taurus Saturn once he is established, and this is his great advantage.

Some Taurus Saturn people: John Lennon, Al Pacino, Uma Thurman, Picasso, Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf, Jay Z, Steven Hawking, Richard Nixon, James Joyce